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Squatty Potty Review | Boholistic Mom

Squatty Potty Review

Alright, let’s face it ladies. We all do it. While many of us prefer to do our business at home or at least do it in private, we all have to take care of it. Some of us try to hurry our business along by eating a little more fiber or trying a magnesium supplement, but it all comes out in the end. If you haven’t figured out the topic of this post . . . you are really inept in potty humor.  Today, I’m talking about . . .


Yeah. Not extremely glamorous, but hey it’s got to get done.

This is very much a sales post and I’m completely going to introduce you to something that if you buy, I’d make a little affiliate money from in the process. I’m just being honest. I have no problem with this, but if you do, now you know. Still, I don’t sign up to sell things if I hate them and really I only advocate products that I believe in.

I believe in this product.

About a year ago, I was surfing the web for different natural cures and solutions for . . . constipation. It was one of those days and honestly, I wanted solutions. Then I stumbled upon a post reviewing The Squatty Potty. Let me admit, I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw the picture of the squatty potty and thought in my head, “are these people serious?” But they are and it totally makes sense AFTER you finish laughing.

Say 200-500 years ago, we didn’t all have toilets. We either had a forest or a hole in the ground. When you had to go to the bathroom, you took a squat. Right there in the middle of who knows where and you did what you had to do. These days, we have glorious porcelain thrones. These are great for sitting, but naturally, we are meant to squat when pooping. It’s not very comfortable to sit with both feet flat on the floor. For years, I had actually been on my tip toes . . . yeah TMI. Alright, so anyway! *blush*

So then the Squatty Potty came in my life! I bought one. The first day I found out about it, I ordered one and in a week it arrived. Here was this wooden stool that went in front of my toilet so I could squat at the pot. It was strange at first. Now . . . I couldn’t be without.

Okay check this out to see what I’m talking about.

The article above talks about how squatting reduces constipation. It makes things work right. Honest to goodness, I wouldn’t be writing a post about pooping if I didn’t really believe that this would be a helpful solution to my readers.

If you are ready to take a squat, then follow the link below to visit SquattyPotty.com.

Click here to visit www.squattypotty.com

So who here has tried a Squatty Potty or has questions about how a Squatty Potty works?  Write your comments below!

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