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Are You Too Busy | Boholistic Mom

Too Busy

Did you know that there is an epidemic spreading across America at an overwhelming speed?  The symptoms include a racing heartbeat, stressed mind, and a lack of focus.  This condition affects 3 out of 4 adults.  In fact, it affects men and women alike.  No one is exempt from this epidemic.  Children are even catching it from the adults.  They are “late,” “running behind,” “don’t have enough time,” and “can’t catch up.”  The condition is spread mentally through words.  “I’m too busy.”  “I don’t have time.”  “I’m swamped.”  We are all infected.  We are all “too busy.”

Powerless vs Powerful

I have begun to read a book written by Danny Silk.  The book is called Keep Your Love On.  Why, you might ask, would a book on love have anything to do with being too busy?  Well it’s his first chapter that really caught my attention.  He stated that many people are powerless.  Things happen to them.  They are affected by the things around them and believe they have no control.  When we are powerless, we become too busy.  We don’t have control over our schedules, our time, or the events that occur in our lives.  They just happen.  We are at their mercy.

Then Silk writes about powerful people.  They make choices.  Things don’t just happen to them.  They have situations and they make new choices.  They are in charge of their time, their schedules, and the events that occur in their lives.  When they have something unexpected happen, they are not powerless.  They survey the problem and they make a choice.  They are in charge of how they feel and how they react.  They are powerful.

Choice of Busy

This definitely relates to our mindset of being too busy.  We get so caught up in the “busy epidemic” that we fall powerless to its effects.  We are ruled by our schedule and by the things that we are doing.  However, we have a CHOICE.  When we commit to a decision, we do not have to relinquish ourselves to the mercy of this commitment.  We made the decision and we are not too busy.  We chose to be involved.  We are powerfully involved.

If we do overcommit ourselves, we made a choice.  If we literally are too busy, then we can make new choices and make our schedules reflect our priorities.  Yet it’s still a matter of mindset.  We can have a LOT going on and decide that we are committed to seeing it all through.  Our schedules can be full and we can still not be too busy.  We are decided.  We are committed.  We are powerfully effective.

If you are “too busy,” you decided you were.  You can decide not to be too busy.

Too Busy | Boholistic Mom

I’m Not Busy

I’m deciding not to be busy.  I have my commitments, my schedule, appointments, and all sorts of activities.  But I’m NOT busy.  I have made decisions and those decisions have been prayed over.  I know where God is leading me.

I’m not running late either.  When we get too busy, we often get overwhelmed.  When we get overwhelmed, we tend to make poor decisions.  When I’m overwhelmed and making poor decisions, I’m LATE.  Always late.  I’m deciding now that I’m not going to be running late.  If I make decisions and do not make it to a place on time, then I made the decision to be there at a different time.  I’m not late.  I make choices before I arrive that make me on time or I make choices that make me arrive at a different time.  I’m in charge of me.  I’m not at the mercy of the god of late.  I’m not at the mercy of the god of too busy.  I am a child of God and there is power in the name of Jesus.

I reject the power in the name of “too busy” and “running late.”

Planning Not to Be Too Busy

If you find yourself powerlessly too busy, let me talk you through some choices that you can make to set yourself on a better path.

  1. Immediately cease using the term “too busy”
  2. Decide on your personal priorities in life, marriage, family, career, and ministry
  3. Make your decisions based on your priorities
  4. Learn to say no to opportunities outside of your priorities
  5. Commit fully to your decisions and accept the new responsibilities
  6. Own your schedule and your time
  7. Be a decision maker

I’m smiling right now as I realize that this decision has been a long time coming.  I’ve personally thought over it vaguely, but this decision is going to be a life changer.  My decisions are going to be owned by me and it’s invigorating.  How is this going to impact your life?

Brooke aka Boholistic Mom

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