Headache Remedy List for Moms

Gradually, but surely, I hope to share the lists of remedies that I use personally with my Boholistic Mom followers.  Today, I am sharing with you a headache remedy list that will give you some great ideas for tackling situations when you feel your head might explode.  Some of these ideas work within the hour, some will are long term fixes and will take time.  You are in charge of your health and your wellness.  Find out what options there are from this headache remedy list that are not in a medicine bottle and give them a shot!

Headache Remedy List

Headache Remedy List – Natural Relief

  • Magnesium

Magnesium helps blood vessels relax and regulates your blood pressure.1  With all of the stress our bodies go through, most people are very deficient in magnesium.  Deficiencies in magnesium can cause major headaches, but even if you aren’t deficient, magnesium can be a quick relief to minor headaches.  I use –> Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel.

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is also vasodilator like magnesium, meaning it dilates your blood vessels allowing blood to pass through more easily.  When you have a pounding headache with lots of pressure, this can be a life saver.  In addition, ginger can relieve sinus pressure that can lead to headaches.  I love to use fresh ginger, but if you want to keep a bit of ginger tea on hand for emergencies check out –> Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea.

  • Nasal Pressure Points

When I was pregnant with my son, I was instructed by a doctor to massage certain points around my nose to stimulate my sinuses to relieve pressure.  However, when I look online for great, solid information […]

Effective Natural Remedies for a Sore Throat

We All Get Sick

Whether you eat like a foodie or you eat whatever appears on your plate, we all get sick.  Our body collects bacteria and viruses from our environment and eventually one of those bacteria or viruses break through our defenses and we become ill.  All bacteria does not cause us to get sick.  In fact, we need bacteria in our body and in our environment.  Bacteria helps to break down dead plants in the earth.  We have loads of healthy bacteria in our digestive track to break down our food and increase the nutrients received.  We even have an acid mantle on our skin that has bacteria and when healthy, the bacteria help to kill bad bacteria that collect on our skin and kill the bacteria that can cause us to become a bit smelly.

Infection vs Disease

Thus there is a very big difference between infection and disease.  Infection by viruses, bacteria, and microbes happen all the time.  We don’t live in a sterile environment and, honestly, we don’t want to.  When we sterilize our environment and our body, we have no good bacteria in our body to help us fight against the bad bacteria.  Disease happens when the viruses, bacteria, and microbes multiply in an unhealthy way so that our cells become damaged and we begin to show signs and symptoms of illness.1

Good Viruses?

I have learned in the last four years that we desperately need to take care of our good bacteria so that we can have a healthy immune system.  Much of the immune system is based around the health of our gut.  Healthy bacteria make for a happy gut.  I began wondering that if there were good bacteria, were there […]