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Whole 30 Diary

Day 1


Eggs fried in lard on my cast iron skillet


Whole 30 Lunch | Boholistic Mom

Huevos Con Chorizo

+ a handful of pecans


What did I eat again?

+ an orange

Day 2


Paleo Bacon (Doesn’t have the sugar that normal bacon has. Did you know that your bacon has sugar?)
Eggs fried in the lard from the paleo bacon in my cast iron skillet


Roasted Root Vegetables


Hamburgers from the grass-fed beef that we are getting in our basket from Blooming Colors!

(no bun, but with pickles and homemade mayo that I’m about to make, but I’m scared!!!!)


Something vegetably (I know that’s not a word. Today it is!)


Whole 30 Diary: Day 1 and 2

If you haven’t heard of the Whole 30 Diet, you should definitely look it up.  While some people are doing it as a “diet” as in do this and you’ll lose weight, I find the Whole 30 much more than that.  I think it is a GREAT first step toward a healthier lifestyle.  I couldn’t care less about how heavy you are, how skinny you are, how much medicine you are on, or how much pain you are in . . . because that’s just a starting point.  Who cares where you are now when the possibilities are endless on what can change?

Here are my reasons for doing the Whole 30:

  • I have a lot of back pain that is due to inflammation.  The Whole 30 food choices really lessen my systemic inflammation.
  • I really felt great while I was on the Whole 30.  I slept better, I had more energy, and I didn’t need as many pick-me-ups throughout the day.
  • I stopped snacking!  Why snack when you are satisfied?  I was satisfied with my food, but I also realized that it shook my habit of relying on food to give me comfort.  I had to learn to look elsewhere . . . like to God.
  • I did lose inches and weight.  I know I said this wasn’t a diet as much as a lifestyle, but seriously, when you begin to eat food that fills you up and meets your nutritional needs, you lose weight if you have more weight than your body needs.  However, if you are too small, as in everyone including your mother is constantly telling you that you look like a toothpick, you’d be able to gain weight to become just the right weight for your body.  Sometimes being too thin has to do with nutritional deficiencies.  Being skinny isn’t always a blessing.

I started my R2 (round 2) on the 13th, so today is my R2D2 (round 2, day 2).  If you begin reading various blogs, you’ll see these abbreviations a LOT.  So know you know!

My Favorite Whole 30 Foods

If you really don’t know where to start with the Whole 30 diet, I would recommend buying the book or if you are strapped for cash check out the downloads area on the Whole30.com page.  They outline the program, explain what foods you are to cut out of your diet, and explain how the Whole 30 works.  You have to COMMIT.  What a concept!  These days we often believe our willpower to be zilch.  Well don’t.  Say you are going to do it and do it.  Here are a few of my favorite Whole 30 Foods that help me to make it through all 30 days without feeling like I’m missing out on a thing.

High Roast Chicken – it takes 45 minutes to cook and I substitute the butter for ghee or lard

Bone Broth – I made a huge pot of broth and I use it recipes for the next two weeks.  It saves so much time.

Farm Fresh Eggs | Boholistic Mom

Egg Basket – Lupen Grainne

Farm Fresh Eggs – You absolutely have to have a good source for eggs.  As you are acclimating to the diet, you will eat a lot of eggs just to stay fed.  I eat them for breakfast, I eat them for lunch some days, and occasionally when I have no plans for dinner, they make it on the menu for dinner.  Even if you have to pay $5 for a carton of 12 farm fresh eggs, you are only paying 42 cents an egg.  If you eat three eggs, that’s only $1.26.  So don’t tell me that $5 is too much for a carton of GOOD eggs.

Root Vegetables – Turn the oven on 425.  Cut up your root vegetable into bite size pieces, toss them in Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then toss those puppies in the oven in a 9 X 13.  If you are doing potatoes, they’ll be done after 30.  If you use other root vegetables, it will take about 45 minutes to an hour.  I would suggest adding in carrots, turnips, rutabagas, beets, and even parsnips.  I’ve seen people throw in onions and garlic halfway through.  EASY.  Do it as soon as you get home from work or even cut them up in advance!

Squash and Pumpkins – If you are doing your Whole 30 in the winter, you will find many amazing meals in squash and pumpkins.  Cook them, fill them up with goodies, bake them some more, and enjoy the bounty.

Various Vegetables – Try farmer’s markets in the summer.  You’ll find tons of great foods to cook up.

Grass-Fed Beef – If you can find a good source of grass-fed beef, stock up.  It is great to have a freezer full of good beef in order to cook recipes.  I use ground beef for hamburger patties, meatballs, taco meat (with veggies), and many more recipes.  Get large pieces of meat and cook it low and slow to have meals for days!


These are my go to foods!  I hope this helps give you some ideas to get you started on your Whole 30 journey.  Keep reading as I keep typing to learn more about your food!


Ciao bella!

Brooke aka Boholistic Mom

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