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This may sound strange in the context of fertility, but I want to congratulate you for beginning your fertility journey.  No matter where you are in your awareness of your body and whether you have been labeled with infertility or more information on fertility, you are taking a monumental step toward reproductive health by declaring that you are in charge of your fertility.  My goal is for you to know how your body works, make informed decisions, and take the steps that you desire toward having the fertility you want.  Is it possible?  In many cases, absolutely yes.

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You are in charge of your fertility journey

There is a reason that the most popular book on fertility is titled “Taking Charge of your Fertility.”  You desperately need to be put back in charge of your fertility.  In a day and age when hospitals reign supreme and doctors are considered the be-all and end-all of your health, women have had their powers removed.  The second you question your body’s fertility, you are laid flat on your back and subject to tests and told your options.  The options provided normally consist of medical procedures and ongoing medical tests.  By putting you back in charge of your fertility, I hope to help you to own your body again.

I want you to feel like a powerful woman again.  This is the first step to fertility.

A powerful woman who can make decisions for her own body can change everything.  You are no longer desperate and without hope.  You are confident and you are deliberate.  You are no longer subject to one person’s list of options . . . you decide what your options are.  You are not broken and you are not unworthy.  You are created wonderfully and you are worth it.  You are worth every step toward your health that you take.

You can take charge of your health and you are absolutely worth the effort.

You Need Options and Information

As the powerful woman who is in charge of her fertility, you need to know your options and to collect information.  If your medical resources have been able to issue you a diagnosis, you have a starting place for collecting information relating to that particular diagnosis.  Still, many times our fertility is about our entire body  and life not just a diagnosis.  You are not your diagnosis.  Your body is much more complex than that.  In fact, concentrating only on your diagnosis can be limiting.  Your fertility can be helped by controlling many different factors relating to your health.  You have options!

If you have not been given a diagnosis or you have been told you have unexplained infertility, you still have options!  Thankfully, the medical world is not holding all the cards for your health.  When they tell you that you have unexplained infertility and offer you a pill to make you ovulate, you are in control.  You can take a pill without a diagnosis or you can use natural resources to find out more information about your body and about the pill offered to you.  Through your own research, you can find out more information relating to your health that does not come from a doctor’s textbook that is paid for by the pharmaceutical companies who want to sell more pills.  You need unbiased information and you may have it.

At the end of this post, I will include a list of books, websites, and resources to help you make your choices.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility - Boholistic Mom

Find a Buddy

You can walk your fertility journey by yourself, but it is much more pleasant with support.  Either find a trusted confidant who will allow you to talk through your feelings, options, and decisions or hire a fertility coach/doula.  You will never regret having the support you need to make the decisions that allow you to remain in charge of your health.  Find someone who is confident, does not feed into negativity, and is organized.  You want someone who can repeat back to you what you have said in an objective way and ask you the hard questions.  In addition, you may find that a local support group exists in your area for women struggling with fertility imbalances (sometimes labeled infertility).

In Gulfport, Mississippi, I have just started a local Fertility Support Group “to help women to find natural options that will help their bodies become a haven for a developing fetus.”  If you are in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi, you may access our Facebook Group page –> here.  If you do not have a local support group in your area, Donielle from Natural Fertility Info has a large natural fertility group page that you can join.  It is called  Natural Fertility and Wellness – private chat group.  These are great resources for connecting with other women who share your journey.

Also, if you are local, I am a fertility doula.  As a doula, I serve women and support them in their decisions.  My goal as a fertility coach/doula is to help women make powerful choices for their body, health, and future pregnancy.  If you would like to hire me locally or consult with me via Skype or over the phone, please visit my –> Contact page.


Next Steps

These are great starting steps.  Of course, as you gain information and begin to look at your options, you’ll begin to take more steps.  I hope you will find more information here on Boholistic Mom to guide you on your fertility journey and I hope the resources I include in this post will increase your knowledge greatly!


Get your Fertility Resource Printable by clicking the link below:

—->  Fertility Resource Printable PDF

Many blessings on your fertility journey!


Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom Fertility Doula


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