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Soap Review

Godai Soaps Review

These past two weeks I have had the privilege of testing out the five varieties of –> Godai Soaps.  I performed an in depth Boholistic Mom Godai Soaps review! Before even accepting a cooperative reviewing of a companies product, I view the ingredients of their product and I decide whether they are a company that I want to stand behind. If not, I do not even move forward. Why accept products from a company with ingredients that I cannot agree with using? Godai Soaps was a brand that has excellent ingredients, so I proceeded forward to doing a Godai Soaps review.

Scroll to the bottom for my final score on Godai Soaps.

Mail from Godai Soaps

The day I received my soaps in the mail, I was excited. Our family uses limited soap products as we only need soap when we are really in need of dirt removal, washing hands from dirty jobs, or when we are concerned about exposure to germs. So when I buy soaps, I look for the BEST. Why wash dirt off with dirty ingredients?

So when I saw Godai’s list of ingredients, I was impressed:  all natural, organic ingredients with herbs and essential oils.  This was my kind of company.

Here is the list of ingredients from their Sky Calming Soap and Shampoo Bar:

  • Saponified oils of sunflower*, coconut*, palm*, and safflower* (with retained glycerin)
  • Water
  • Essential oils of lavender*, orange*, and eucalyptus*
  • Alkanet root
  • Rosemary extract

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Godai Soaps Review

My Experience

As I have used each organic soap bar, I have enjoyed the sensory experience.  The bars smell wonderful and enticing.  Being drawn into your bath/shower experience is much more delightful than having it be a chore.  I felt like I was being pampered by the privilege of using these soaps.

The Sky Celestial Calm bar is very relaxing as I used it in my bath.  I lit my beeswax candle, filled up the tub with perfectly heated water, and including the scents of this bar, my experience was complete.

I definitely suggest it.  Do you own Godai Soaps Review 😉

These were my impressions of the other soaps:

  • Godai Earth 地 Soap Bar – I love that the Earth bar includes French clay as I value having a detoxifying ingredient in my soap.  The clay helps draw out toxins and cleanse the skin.   The sugar included in this bar is also great as an exfoliant. This is also their non-scented bar, but with such fantastically healthy scents most people could choose from any bar without problems.
  • Godai Water 水 Soap Bar – With the winter being a little drier, I love having those extra moisturizing ingredients in the Water bar. I also happen to be huge fan of Tangerine, so it did not take any convincing for me to enjoy this bar.
  • Godai Fire 火 Soap Bar – The fire bar is a great combination of moisture, nourishment, and rejuvenation. The rosemary is great for the scalp and for encouraging your hair to grow healthy and happy.
  • Godai Wind 風 Soap Bar – This is the bar that convinced me to review Godai Soaps’ bars.  Turmeric is one of my favorite ingredients in cooking or beauty products. It is both healing and calming to the skin.

Two in One – Soap and Shampoo

As I sometimes skip the fine print and go straight toward the experience, it took me a moment to realize that they were not just soaps. Godai Soaps work as soap and shampoo. This is perfect for my boys.  They are little men of simplicity and when looking to wash up having soap that doubles as a shampoo makes things super simple.

Godai Soaps Review Rating

I bestow upon Godai Soaps my highest rating, a 10. Companies that earn the Boholistic Mom 10 rating include organic, natural ingredients that are healthy for the body. These companies also understand the need to keep away from GMOs, toxic fragrances, and other toxic chemicals. In addition, the products need to be affordable for the average household.  My last category has to do with the appearance of the product, packaging, and website accessibility.  Godai rated a 10 in all categories.

  • Natural, Organic Ingredients: 10
  • No Toxic Ingredients: 10
  • Affordability: 10
  • Design/Asthetics: 10

Total Rating for Godai Soaps: 10

Purchase Godai Soaps for yourself –> here.


Thank you for checking out my Boholistic Mom Godai Soaps Review! Let me know if you give these a try as I always love to hear your opinions as well.  If you are a crunchy company that would love to have your product reviewed on Boholistic Mom, feel free to send me an e-mail to discuss collaboration.  I only accept the best!

Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom

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