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Why Do I Care about Fibromyalgia?

Many of you know me and know that I generally seem healthy.  I eat well.  I exercise (well, sometimes . . . ).  I am not too little, not too large.  Most days, I do not look like I am in pain.  So then, why am I concerned about fibromyalgia?

My interested in fibromyalgia began in November of 2016 at the Weston A. Price Conference in Montgomery, Alabama.  After listening to a day full of speakers, they announced the speakers who would present after dinner.  One of the people who were speaking was a lady who had struggled with fibromyalgia for eight years, struggled with infertility (for the same eight years), and had become pregnant after treating the underlying problem that caused her fibromyalgia.

My ears perked.

Many of you know that while I appear to be healthy, I am struggling with secondary infertility.  Although we have a son, we have been unable to have a successful second pregnancy.  We have been dealing with this for six years.  Stories of hope from women who recovered from a fertility imbalance are of great interest to me.

Leah’s Story of Fibromyalgia

I readily showed up at Leah McCullough’s (–> The Fibro Lady‘s) presentation and listened attentively.  She has quite a story.  For eight years, she struggled with fibromyalgia, so much so, that she could not continue to work.  Her husband took on two jobs to help to support them.  She also dealt with infertility and depression during this time.  Finally, she reached the point where she knew she had to do something different.  She reached out to a local natural practitioner who helped her to make choices that changed her life.

This natural practitioner taught her that fibromyalgia is caused by heavy metal toxicity.  She also taught her how to pull the heavy metals out of her system without causing the liver to become toxic.

Once Leah started on this protocol, she said she felt like she was healed in two weeks time.  She still had to complete her treatment, but in two months she was back to much of her regular (pre-eight year) activities.  In six months, she was off of all medications that she had been taking for her fibromyalgia.  In eight months . . . she was pregnant.  Surprise!

Recovery and Hope from Fibromyalgia

I loved listening to her story of recovery, because I know there is hope.  There is hope for those who are dealing with fibromyalgia and there is hope for those who are dealing with other unexplained problems with their health.  We have to stop treating the symptoms and start treating the underlying problems.

Do you want to learn more about how to treat fibromyalgia and heavy metal toxicity?  Keep reading this series.  Tomorrow, you will learn more about my story.  In part 3, you will learn more about detoxing and how to avoid heavy metals.

In the meantime, check out my social media and Leah McCullough’s social media.  We would love to connect.

Boholistic Mom

The Fibro Lady (Leah McCullough)

Continue reading –> Part 2 – How Heavy Metals Changed My Life


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THE Boholistic Mom


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