The Heart page of Boholistic Mom revolves around matters of the heart and emotions.  So often, a mother's heart is considered separate from health and separate from the body, while hearts and emotions are often connected to a mother's faith. Hearts have much to do with faith and much to do with holistically following God when the heart is seen as connected to the mind, body, and spirit.
The Mind page of Boholistic Mom takes into consideration how a mother uses her mind to follow after God.  Her thoughts, her decisions, and her desires can be positive and uplifting her faith or they can be negative and bring her away from her faith.  The mind is a powerful tool in which mothers can pursue their faith.
While the media often shows a woman's body as merely sexual, God says that the body can glorify God at all times.  The body is many things at once: the body is sexual, the body houses the mind and intellect, the body is the seed of emotions, and the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  The Body page of Boholistic Mom will provide information and resources in regards to using the body to the glorify of God.
The Spirit page of Boholistic Mom will explore what it means to be a spiritual being with a soul.  While some believe that the body is spiritless, Boholistic Mom holds to the fact that God created the body with a soul.  The peace of God actually can "rule our hearts" (Colossians 3:15).  The soul is connected with the mind, heart, and is housed by the body.
The Beliefs page of Boholistic Mom explains the tenants of faith to which the website holds.  This will allow the website users to understand the point of view of which the site is written.  The site will be overt about faith because faith is a huge part of living a holistic life.  If a user holds to another belief system, the user is absolutely still welcome to use the resources of the site.

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  • The Spiritual Battle for Your Health

    The Spiritual Battle for Your Health

    Health and Faith.  What does real food, doctor’s visits, and exercise have to do with our spiritual life?  Many people insist that there is no correlation, saying that our faith is compartmentalized to the church, to the spiritual, and to the supernatural, while our bodies and health are a part of the flesh, the natural, and the physical world.  If this is true, then why does God tell us to worship Him with our strength? …Read More »
  • Missing Grace – Missed and Misunderstood

    Missing Grace – Missed and Misunderstood

    Ministered These past two weeks I had the privilege of being ministered to by Life Action Ministries.  I think that they are a great ministry and what I find most amazing is how sometimes the simplest truth is the most life changing.  I grew from Life Action’s ministry because they ministered to my spirit, my family, and my needs. Salvation Before they even came to our church, I had no doubts that I was a Christian and …Read More »
  • 10 Marriage Tools for a Thriving Relationship

    10 Marriage Tools for a Thriving Relationship

    Let me be clear ladies.  Our marriages are under attack by the enemy of our souls.  The good news?  God is bigger, stronger, and has every intention of helping us through any hurdle that the enemy presents.  However, we need God and we need tools.  Why do we need tools?  Because God has given us a base of Biblical wisdom and teachers who have walked this path before us.  We do not need to come …Read More »
  • Social Media Challenge – Pulling the plug

    Social Media Challenge – Pulling the plug

    In July of this year, I decided to give myself a new social media challenge.  I didn’t accept a social media challenge to post a blog a month, share on Instagram daily, or become the mama blogger of the year, instead I accepted the challenge to avoid social media for an entire month. Why would I do this? Because I realized that I was overcome.  I was making choices without thinking and I’d find my phone …Read More »
  • Holistically Love Jesus

    Holistically Love Jesus

    Honestly, most Christians hear the word ‘holistic’ and they begin to run in the opposite direction.  We envision people doing yoga and Ohmmmmming and we quickly add on a mental image relating to a “new age” lifestyle.  I was one of those people.  Wow, I have come a long way from being so quick to jump into one idea (at least I hope I have). Being holistic has nothing to do with yoga, ohmming, new age, or …Read More »
  • Foster Parent – Our Life Thus Far with Foster Care

    Foster Parent – Our Life Thus Far with Foster Care

    Foster Parent – Our Life Thus Far with the Foster Care System While I have blogged about many topics, for some reason, this one has been much too personal.  Training to be a foster parent and taking a child into our home has been something I have kept to myself in many ways.  I have shared with my friends and family that my husband and I were embarking on this journey.  I have even shared with …Read More »
  • The Unsettled Mom

    The Unsettled Mom

    Settling.  What an interesting word, right?  Settling down, to settle, unsettling, or settling up.  As American’s we are even familiar with the term “settler”; the American pioneers who settled in the land west of the original colonies.  The original German work setle was literally a place to sit, a seat.  Yet with all these perfectly adequate definitions of the word settle, we have a definite malaise when we think of someone settling for something.  Such …Read More »
  • Seeking Excellence

    Seeking Excellence

    “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us …Read More »
  • What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

    What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

    This post is actually a troubleshooting post for my post titled “What Does the Bible Say about Boobs? over at Blissful Moments Doula.  You can find that post >here<.  I know many ladies will have so many questions about the assertions that I made, but many of those have to do with modesty rather than the Biblical passages on breasts.  So I decided I would continue the discussion here on my blog. What Does the Bible …Read More »
  • Are You Too Busy?

    Are You Too Busy?

    Did you know that there is an epidemic spreading across America at an overwhelming speed?  The symptoms include a racing heartbeat, stressed mind, and a lack of focus.  This condition affects 3 out of 4 adults.  In fact, it affects men and women alike.  No one is exempt from this epidemic.  Children are even catching it from the adults.  They are “late,” “running behind,” “don’t have enough time,” and “can’t catch up.”  The condition is …Read More »
  • 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum for 2016

    2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum for 2016

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be a daunting decision.  There are so many choices and tons of options.  Many homeschool mamas are so passionate about their family’s choices that they will swear to you that their way is the only possible option for homeschooling well.  Take a deep breath.  And find a few homeschool friends that are a little less passionate about their own decisions and more passionate about helping …Read More »

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