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Many women are trying to conceive and giving birth without ever asking the question, “What is a doula?”  I must do my part to remedy this missing information so that not one more woman has to give birth without the support she could use.  In this post, I will define what a doula is, what she does, and why you need one.

Definition of a Doula

What is a Doula?

A doula is by historical Greek definition a “women’s servant.”  She serves women.  In our modern age, the term doula is often used to refer to a birth doula – a non-medical birth support person who stays with you during labor, delivery, and right after delivery.  However, many doulas help before birth, during birth, and after birth.

I am personally passionate about helping empower women prior to their birth, even prior to pregnancy.  As a fertility doula, I help women who are interested in considering a fertility diet before birth or women who have had trouble with becoming pregnant.  Through coaching, I help empower women to achieve their fertility goals and I am present and there for them as they go through appointments and walk the road ahead.

As a birth doula, I help to empower women after they become pregnant to work out their birth wishes (birth plan) and to prepare the both parents with ideas of birth positions and massages that will help reduce pain during delivery.  A doula is passionate about birth education!  Rather than first time mothers being thrust into the labor and delivery ward with no idea what to expect, a doula will prepare them to know how their bodies’ work and be with them throughout their birth.  While nurses go through shift changes, doulas remain with the mama through her entire birth.

My Story:  When I was a first time mama, I had no idea about birth.  My view was that women have been giving birth for centuries, so I was sure it would all go smoothly.  My water broke early and I went into the hospital without having eaten breakfast.  I also began labor without knowing the stages of labor.  Not being aware about what I did not know about birth had a huge impact on my delivery.  Now that I am a doula, I know that if I had hired a doula, she would have been so helpful in educating me on birth as a first time mother!

A postpartum doula helps mothers who have just had their babies.  Some doulas may have lactation experience and will be able to give suggestions on how to get the best latch.  Other doulas focus on just helping new mothers bond with their brand new babies.  That might involve taking care of some household chores while mama snuggles up with her sweetie.  Postpartum doulas want to give support to new moms so they feel empowered to thrive.

Lastly, some women serve as miscarriage/stillbirth doulas.  These amazing women serve and support mothers who have lost their babies.  These mothers of angel babies still have to go through changing hormones, healing from pregnancy, and some deal with lactation issues.  A stillbirth doula can help them through these issues and provide the extra support they need.  Find a stillbirth doula –>  here

I mainly serve as a fertility doula and a birth doula and am located in Gulfport, Mississippi!

Define Doula - Boholistic Mom

If you are interested in hiring me as your fertility or birth doula, feel free to head over to my contact page to let me know what service you need.  I normally meet with ladies at a coffee shop to go over my contract and services, then we meet at each others homes according to the contracted amount of visits.

I love spending time with each and every client that I am able to come alongside of for their journey.  I look forward to joining you with your journey soon!

Brooke Shambley

Fertility and Birth Doula @ Boholistic Mom

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