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Excerpt from a review about VAXXED that I wrote for Blissful Moments Doula blog today:

“First of all, why would we cover a movie review of VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe on a doula blog?  Because every single mother has to make the decision about vaccinations for their child: whether they want them all, whether they want to space them out, whether they want the particular ingredients, and, most importantly, mothers need to know their options.  This movie is vital information for every mother who wants more information about the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine and more understanding of the vaccine industry that creates the vaccines.

The Premise of VAXXED

VAXXED is an expose regarding the CDC and the MMR vaccination . . .

Read more at Blissful Moments.  Read below for more information from Boholistic Mom about VAXXED at the Mississippi State Capitol.


Mississippi State Capitol and VaxxedVAXXED at the Capitol

I was able to go to the Mississippi State Capitol this week and rally with the VAXXED van and other amazing Mississippi mothers and dads whose lives have been forever affected by vaccine injury.  Many of my social media friends have asked how I know that the van is full of vaccine injured children.  Do you as a parent know your child?  Did you know them when they were younger, did you see them grow over the years?  What if at one moment in your child’s development everything stopped.  They stopped mentally developing.  They regressed.  They had been walking and now they are falling on the ground and cannot speak at all.  Would you notice?  Would you immediately look at what had changed in your child’s life?

These parents did look.  They had their eyes wide open and they realized that their child had just had a vaccination.  No other change in their lives.

A Real Mother

I spoke to a mother there whose daughter had her 7th grade shots at 13.  She had been the top of her class.  She was looking into acting and was already a model.  Her whole life was ahead of her.  After her shots, she could no longer walk.  She was bed ridden.  Her mother was a nurse and was all for vaccines and believed that it could not have been the vaccinations.  The more she researched the more she found out about Guardasil and the other injections her daughter had endured.  Her daughter was dealing with heavy metal poisoning from the vaccines.  There was no other explanation.  She found a doctor who was willing to treat her for heavy metal poisoning and vaccine injury.  Her daughter has been able to walk again, but her life is forever changed.

Should we just ignore her?  Should we just act like it isn’t happening and inject our own children with these faulty vaccines?  By no means.

Fight for your right as the parent to make your own decisions for your own children.  They are yours.  The Bible says, “Give to Caesar what is Caesars.”  YOU DON’T GIVE YOUR CHILD TO CAESAR.  They are YOURS.  You do your own research and stop trusting people who are making thousands (doctors) and billions (vaccine industry) off of your children and their vaccinations.

Mississippi State Capitol and Del BigtreeStand Up and “Be Brave”

I was able to hear Del Bigtree speak at the capitol.  He was very inspirational in his speech about encouraging our politicians and our government to stand up for the rights of the parents of America.  He said, “Be brave.”  I ask you to do exactly that.  Be brave.  Educate yourself about vaccinations.  Then don’t close your mouth.  “Be brave” and tell your friends the risks.  “Be brave” and write your politicians.  “Be brave” and tell your doctors you mean business.


Should you see VAXXED?

Absolutely.  There shouldn’t be a parent alive in America who refuses to see the movie.  Why wouldn’t you want to hear pivotal information about a vaccine that you are being told to give to your children?  It is a complete no-brainer.

Go see it.

Buy it from Amazon. (not an affiliate link)

Stream it into your home.

The babies need us.


Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom

Vaccination Schedule

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