At Boholistic Mom, we are all about real food. I can't imagine life without it. For a while, I did live without real foods. It's called being a college student. After that time in my life, I was a mess. I had IBS. I began to gain weight. I had made my body toxic with my food choices. If you would like to learn how to . . . eat real food, fix traditional recipes, learn how to eat healthy quickly and easily, get some inspiration from other real food people, or eat healthy during your pregnancy then you've come to the right place. I want you to leave this site enabled and inspired to fix your family real food and know why you are doing it. Build the strength of your family by nourishing their bodies. You won't regret it.

Recipes From Boholistic Mom:

  • No Veggies for Me: Guide to Children and Vegetables

    No Veggies for Me: Guide to Children and Vegetables

    As a health coach for families and mothers, I hear one common problem that appears in most families and at most dinner tables.  Aversion to vegetables. “No Mommy!!!  I won’t eat my ________!!!”  Fill-in-the-blank with your choice of vegetable. It’s always the vegetables, rarely the mashed potatoes, the macaroni and cheese, or the cookie.  If it is colorful and vibrant in flavor naturally, an alarm goes of in their little brains with a warning, “WARNING:  …Read More »
  • More about Delicious Bone Broth – Troubleshooting

    More about Delicious Bone Broth – Troubleshooting

    Past the Fundamentals of Bone Broth In 2014, I wrote a post covering all the fundamentals of making –> bone broth.  Since that time, I’ve learned even more about bone broths, stocks, and meat broths.  If you are just getting into bone broths you may want to start at my basics of bone broth post.  However, if you are ready for some more bone broth knowledge, read on.   Gelatinization One of the goals of making a …Read More »
  • Real Eggs Vs Borg Eggs – Learn More Now

    Real Eggs Vs Borg Eggs – Learn More Now

    Almost everyone uses eggs.  Recipes call for them.  You may have them for breakfast.  You pick them up in white sterilized Styrofoam at the grocery store.  You know about real eggs, right? We know a version of eggs that have been washed, resealed, packaged, and made to look all identical by selecting all the same sizes.  It’s like calling Borgs from Star Trek human.  And if you are not a Trekkie, just ignore that last …Read More »
  • Coconuts: A to Z

    Coconuts: A to Z

    (This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a benefit from your order.  Thanks!) Inside The Coconut Coconuts are filled with beneficial commodities.  Coconut fat (often labeled as raw virgin organic coconut oil) is a medium-chain triglyceride, which means it is a special type saturated fat.  According to a study done in 1983, these same medium-chain triglycerides had rats loosing fat deposits in the lab.1  …Read More »
  • Real Food, Real People: Brooke

    Real Food, Real People: Brooke

    space space space by Brooke Shambley Originally posted on Fancy Little Things: I Stopped Dieting on July 11, 2013   Oh heavens!  I used the word diet; please, don’t run away screaming.  I no longer fear the word diet.  I detest the verb “dieting,” but I absolutely cherish the word diet. Dieting verb The eating small amounts of food, exercising intensely, and feeling dead in the water To eat sparingly or according to prescribed rules – …Read More »
  • My Real Food Timeline – How It All Started

    My Real Food Timeline – How It All Started

    My Real Food Timeline I started this Boholistic Mom website in 2013 to reach out to my friends, family, and any of those who were interested in real food like I was.  Yet my real food timeline and journey started many years before that point.  So many people get bogged down and frustrated when they think about all the different changes they could made and maybe should make, but when you realize that life is a process it isn’t …Read More »
  • Baked Oatmeal Recipe with Black Currants and Walnuts

    Baked Oatmeal Recipe with Black Currants and Walnuts

    Today, I made something wonderful.  I made the BEST baked oatmeal recipe that I have ever eaten.  As if that wasn’t great in itself, this recipe has no gluten, no sugar, and no dairy.  I’m ecstatic! First let me tell you where I found my starting recipe.  Martha Stewart shared a baked oatmeal recipe on her website that she originally found from the cookbook Super Natural Every Day by Hedi Swanson.  My new recipe isn’t really like the …Read More »
  • Making a Bone Broth

    Making a Bone Broth

     Making a Bone Broth When considering real food and traditional foods, the journey cannot truly begin without the basic knowledge of bone broth.  Our ancestors could not have survived without broth (or stock) and many traditional cultures used broths as the fundamental building block for many recipes.  Only within the last 100 years has broth become a thing of the past being replaced by broth in a carton, can, or even worse broth by bouillon …Read More »
  • Huevos Con Chorizo Perfect Whole 30 Recipe

    Huevos Con Chorizo Perfect Whole 30 Recipe

    Huevos Con Chorizo Recipe I really enjoy Mexican food.  I love the atmosphere, I love the spices, but I do not love the MSG.  Sometimes it’s hiding in a sauce, sometimes it’s in the meat, and sometimes it is hiding in my Huevos Con Chorizo.  I really dislike additives! I’ve been doing the Whole 30, so I really have to find ways to make my own food and not rely on restaurants as much.  So …Read More »
  • Four Food Myths to Watch Out for

    Four Food Myths to Watch Out for

      I am a little worked up about health lately.  So many people around me are ill and I want to do something about it.  I truly believe that a lot of illnesses are preventable, treatable, and, most importantly, brought on by false nutritional education. Many illnesses are preventable. I believe that we were created to have good health.  Why don’t have good health then?  Many of the reasons that we have poor health is …Read More »
  • DIY Elderberry Syrup Recipe – Home Remedies

    DIY Elderberry Syrup Recipe – Home Remedies

    Have you been thinking about trying your hand at making elderberry syrup?  Then this will be a great recipe to help you through your first attempt!  I tried a few other recipes and I was so frustrated with the instructions, my hope is that this recipe will make it all clear and help you get it right the first time!  Enjoy! Print DIY Elderberry Syrup Elderberries have been used through the ages to help people …Read More »
  • Why and When to Buy Organic Foods

    Why and When to Buy Organic Foods

    I started my organic journey in 2008.  My husband and I had just moved to Gulfport, Mississippi and we realized that we needed to make some life changes.  I was struggling with IBS.  He is in the military and needed to keep fit to pass his fitness tests.  On top of it all, we wanted a family. Nothing gets you started thinking about organic foods more than having a baby. We did not know what …Read More »
  • Whole 30 Diary: Start

    Whole 30 Diary: Start

    If you haven't heard of the Whole 30 Diet, you should definitely look it up. While some people are doing it as a "diet" as in do this and you'll lose weight, I find the Whole 30 much more than that. I think it is a GREAT first step toward a healthier lifestyle.Read More »
  • Simple Chicken Curry

    Simple Chicken Curry

    Simple Chicken Curry I absolutely adore curry.  I used to think that curries were hard things to make and very complicated . . . until I realized that they were simply a method of adding ingredients together in a certain order.  Use these ingredients or switch it out to other similar ingredients.  You are the artist in this kitchen.  I hope you enjoy your chicken curry and whatever other curry you dream up! Ingredients 2 …Read More »
  • Roasting a Pumpkin – a fall tradition

    Roasting a Pumpkin – a fall tradition

    Roasting a Pumpkin Can I just say that there are a million different ways to cook a pumpkin?  So while it may seem like cooking a pie pumpkin is a radical activity, it really isn’t.  In fact, it is more rewarding and financially smart than buying those cans of pureed pumpkin. The benefits? Roasting pumpkin in the fall gives you a ton of raw material for recipes, is extremely affordable, and is memorable.  A pumpkin is a …Read More »
  • Tantalizing Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

    Tantalizing Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

    Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry   I started making my regular curry, heating the oil, adding onions, adding garlic, and then I had cauliflower.  So I knew I was making a cauliflower curry, but I wasn’t planning to get creative.  Then I was heating up some leftover sweet potatoes at the same time.  Then I started thinking . . . I could add these sweet potatoes to my curry, but do sweet potatoes go with …Read More »
  • Vegetable Broth

    Vegetable Broth

      2 Carrots 2 Onions 2 Garlic Cloves 2 Celery Stalks (fennel stalks will also work) 2-6 Tomatoes Water (approximately 8 – 10 cups) Other Vegetables (peppers, sweet potato, fennel, etc. as desired) 2 Bay Leaves Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Grass Fed Dairy Butter Chop the carrots, onions, garlic, celery, and other vegetables into small pieces to maximize the surface area able to caramelize while sautéing the vegetables.  Take the carrots, onions, garlic, …Read More »
  • Kombucha 101 – Fermented Sweet Tea

    Kombucha 101 – Fermented Sweet Tea

    If you have found my Kombucha 101 page, you may have heard me talking about the concept of making fermented sweet tea with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).  Kombucha tends to come up in many of my conversations with my friends, because I am excited about it!  Most people do not ferment their beverages anymore.  However, for centuries, traditional cultures have fermented their drinks and their food in order to increase the …Read More »
  • Healthy Fats

    Healthy Fats

    I don’t know how you were raised, but if you were raised during the 80’s and/or the 90’s you may have been raised on a low-fat diet. Fats were bad. All of them. Butter was replaced with margarine. Lard was not even mentioned, much less used. Cheeses were artery cloggers and vegetables were all eaten plain. This was my life from 1983 until around 2001. I mention in my other post how confused I was …Read More »
  • Elderberry Tea Recipe – Reusing Elderberry Syrup Berries

    Elderberry Tea Recipe – Reusing Elderberry Syrup Berries

    Do you love elderberry syrup, but hate throwing away the used elderberries?  This this elderberry tea recipe is for you! Print Elderberry Tea Waste not, want not.  Why waste all those beautiful elderberries after you make your elderberry syrup?  Use them again by enjoying elderberry tea. Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 1 hour Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes Ingredients 2 teaspoons organic elderberries 8 ounces filtered water Instructions Boil 8 ounces of water. …Read More »

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Traditional Recipes

he Traditional Recipes page of Boholistic Mom will provide you with real food recipes, information, and resources for discovering what it means to eat in a traditional manner. Eating real foods means adding in amazing nutrient rich foods and removing empty refined foods from your diet. Fix traditional foods to begin your journey into maintaining traditions within your family and nutruring their diet as well as their lives.

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Let's face it. Preparing foods takes time! However, not all real food preparation takes an eternity. The Quick & Easy page of Boholistic Mom contains faster recipes utilizing real foods. Other recipes included in this tab will be recipes that can be easily prepared from the leftovers of traditional food meals. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, you and your family can still eat real and nutritious foods.

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Is all food created equal? Most people seem to think so. However, the question lies not in the food that is grown, cultivated, and picked, but rather in the "food" that is created in a laboratory. Real food isn't created by human hands; real food is grown from a seed in the earth or comes from animals. The question becomes what item is a food and what item is a foe?

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