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Detox Protocol - Fibromyalgia

If you have been reading through this series, then you know –> Leah’s story and you have read
–> my story.  What you need know now is the end of my heavy metal story and understand what type of a detox protocol to consider.  You also need to know how to avoid these heavy metals and toxins.

How the Detox Protocol Worked

The first month I began the heavy metal detox, I noticed a real change.  My bad days lessened.  I had more energy.  The first month, I did not actually believe the change.  I had to keep seeing this progress to believe there was a real difference.

The second month, things kept getting better.  James (my husband) and I began to tackle projects around the house that have been undone for . . . should I admit? . . . YEARS.  Rather than dragging our feet and forcing ourselves to do these tasks, we just naturally made things happen.  We had the energy, the focus, and our systems were cleared.

As for pain, I had not previously realized it, but I was plagued by mild pain for years.  I had been struggling with back pain and just a general malaise for a while now.  After those two months, the pain subsided.

Since then, I have started to work through the online classes that Leah McCullough has on her site.  I look forward to moving forward from the Detox to the rest of her 3D Fibro program.  I would have never said “I have fibromyalgia,” but I had no idea how much of an affect the heavy metals that were in my body were taking on my health and on the health of my husband.

Avoiding Heavy Metals and Toxins

At this point, you may have identified with Leah’s story or my story, but you aren’t sure whether you have heavy metal toxicity.  In order to understand whether heavy metals have affected your life, you need to know where you pick them up . . . you need to know how to avoid them.

Sources of heavy metal toxicity:

  • Vaccinations (mercury and aluminum)
  • Fish (mercury)
  • Deodorant (aluminum)
  • Aluminum pans and non-stick pans (aluminum and other toxins)
  • Aluminum foil (aluminum)
  • Dental amalgams (mercury)
  • Contaminated water (lead, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium)
  • Make up (aluminum, nano-particles, and other toxins)
  • Baking powder (aluminum)
  • Smoking and second hand smoke (cadmium)
  • OTC drugs (aluminum)
  • Supplements from poor sources (various heavy metals)
  • Herbicides and pesticides (arsenic)
  • Living near a dump or incinerator (lead)
  • Cinder block gardens (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, selenium, aluminum, antimony, barium, beryllium, boron, chlorine, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, thallium, vanadium, and zinc)

Finding a Detox Protocol

Clearly, modern humans are dealing with heavy metals on a regular basis.  While many ideas exist on how to clear our systems, one barrier can prevent heavy metals from leaving our body . . . our liver.  Since our livers are dealing with a myriad of toxins on a daily basis, if we try to detox our bodies with our overloaded livers, we can cause damage.

The question becomes how can we detox our bodies without causing liver damage?  Leah McCullough uses one particular detox protocol.  She shares information about a mineral that has a negative charge and can pull the heavy metals from the body and bypass the liver’s need to process the heavy metals.

Other detoxes release the heavy metals from various parts of the body allowing the positively charged heavy metals to freely move about in the body.  A healthy liver may be able to process some of the heavy metals and send them out of your body, the rest will reattach in new places.  An overloaded and unhealthy liver will either store the heavy metals in fat or the heavy metals can damage the liver.

Therefore, you need a product that both removes the toxins from your entire body and neutralizes them.  Whether you decide to use Leah’s detox protocol or you find other sources, you need to be very careful not to overwhelm your systems and liver during a detox.

Find The Fibro Lady’s, Leah McCullough, website at www.unconventionaltraditional.com and browse her classes, her resources, and her book.  I am so glad that I have utilized her knowledge to help my family and I hope you are also able to glean knowledge to help your family.

Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom


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