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  • Natural Beauty Options: What Do I Use?

    Natural Beauty Options: What Do I Use?

      Natural Beauty Routine: What Do I Use? Let’s face it.  Being holistic and natural about external beauty is difficult.  So many products say that they are “organic” and “natural,” but for products that are not being consumed many of these claims are false.  False is probably too soft of a word.  Really . . . these products straight up lie.  Some of them have nothing natural about them, but perhaps they contain a drop …Read More »
  • My Boho Beach Look with One Kings Lane

    My Boho Beach Look with One Kings Lane

    My Dream Beach Look This week, I had the opportunity to join One Kings Lane “A Shore Thing: Beach Towels + Bikinis” campaign.  I’m very happy to participate, but even more so, I love having inspiration.  This week, I’m inspired by One Kings Lane.  Before showing you my personal boho beach look, I’m going to show you my dream look with items from One Kings Lane.  Take an imaginary beach voyage with me and tell …Read More »
  • Soap Alternatives that keep you clean

    Soap Alternatives that keep you clean

      In this day and age, we have come to believe that a magical clean is only achieved with soap.  Soap being whatever the store sells as soap.  It may not even be soap, but if the store calls it soap then it must clean and we are safe.  Safe from the nasty obnoxious germs we all fear.  These evil creature must be fought with foaming cleaners (sodium lauryl sulfate), antibacterial cleansers, and if that …Read More »
  • Body Odor – Get Rid of BO in 6 Easy Steps

    Body Odor – Get Rid of BO in 6 Easy Steps

      I’m not sure about you, but I hate BO.  You know what BO means, right?  *whispers quietly* body odor . . .  It’s smelly.  It makes you feel like you have to keep taking a shower all the time.  Whether you are a stinky onion type or an overall yuck kind of gal, we all have one desire . . . to get rid of body odor!!! Enough is enough.  Soap doesn’t get rid …Read More »
  • Fair Trade Clothing Companies You Need to Know About

    Fair Trade Clothing Companies You Need to Know About

    Why It Matters I care deeply about the people who are affected by my shopping.  My dollars have the power to bring freedom . . . or slavery.  Yes!  SLAVERY.  So many of the clothing items that we purchase are made by slave laborers and even with child labor. Many of my readers live in the United States of America and believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Yet within our …Read More »
  • Homemade Tooth Powder

    Homemade Tooth Powder

    Why Not to Buy Regular Toothpaste Take a gander at the ingredients listed on the back of a tube of whitening toothpaste: Sodium fluoride, Triclosan, water, hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, PVM/MA, copolymer, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, cellulose gum, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, carrageenan, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide What are these things and why are they in our toothpaste?  Read below to find out what these chemicals are and how they may be affecting your health. Sodium fluoride Whatever you …Read More »
  • Egg Yolk Shampoo – DIY Hair Wash

    Egg Yolk Shampoo – DIY Hair Wash

    I have gone through many journeys with my bath and body care products.  I’ve tossed out tons of my makeup and bought new makeup that I thought was better . . . just to discover that it wasn’t (and I was allergic to it).  I tossed away the last squeeze-tube of toothpaste and discovered that I can make my own tooth powder (which is still going strong).  However for the longest time, my hair journey was stunted.  …Read More »
  • What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

    What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

    This post is actually a troubleshooting post for my post titled “What Does the Bible Say about Boobs? over at Blissful Moments Doula.  You can find that post >here<.  I know many ladies will have so many questions about the assertions that I made, but many of those have to do with modesty rather than the Biblical passages on breasts.  So I decided I would continue the discussion here on my blog. What Does the Bible …Read More »
  • Boho Mom: How to Dress Like You Don’t Care When You Do

    Boho Mom: How to Dress Like You Don’t Care When You Do

    I like to think of myself as a boho mom, but some days I feel like I’m still in training.  A boho mom is both indifferent to style and completely attentive to style at the same time.  While boho women seem to just throw on clothes without a thought in the world, thought does occur.  Maybe it doesn’t occur in the moment when the clothes are thrown together, but within the bohemian approach to life . . …Read More »
  • Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

    Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

    Homemade Sunscreen Recipe I made my first homemade sunscreen last year and loved it.  It was great to slather on a non-toxic mix of oils and know that I was keeping away the toxic mess that sunscreens have become.  Still, I wanted to provide my blog readers with more than just a little recipe that I whipped up.  I like to really research the options! Note: Remember, that no matter how much sunscreen (whether natural …Read More »

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Organic means organic to the core. Buying organic clothing and beauty products means that clothing producers will understand that their consumers care about the environment and don't want just anything on their body. Visit Boholistic Mom's Organic page to see what awesome products are available to aid your efforts.

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Natural Mom

Can a lady be "in style" going au naturale? Maybe if it's natural beauty products and natural ideas for what to wear . . . or not wear. Check out Boholistic Mom's Natural Mom page to see how you can go au naturale.

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Get clean without all the chemicals! The Naturally Clean page of Boholistic Mom allows mother's to browse the options for natural soaps, no-poo or organic shampoo, and other ideas for becoming naturally clean.

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