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Four Food Myths | Boholistic Mom

I am a little worked up about health lately.  So many people around me are ill and I want to do something about it.  I truly believe that a lot of illnesses are preventable, treatable, and, most importantly, brought on by false nutritional education.

Many illnesses are preventable.

I believe that we were created to have good health.  Why don’t have good health then?  Many of the reasons that we have poor health is due to the fact that we have forgotten the traditions of health passed down to us from our parents, their parents, and up the generational lines.  We are to respect and honor our parents, but we have rejected the wisdom of the past.

I’ve put together four food myths in order to underline four easy ways that a family can change their health by beginning to make small changes in their eating and drinking.  Consider these myths and please feel free to ask questions by commenting at the bottom of this blog.

Four Food Myths

“Fats are bad.” – FALSE

Processed, factory-made fats are horrible for you. They need to stop being served as food. However, natural fats from olives, coconuts, and even grass-fed (or naturally-fed) animals are essential for health. Without real fats, the body suffers.


“Water is healthy.” – FALSE

Not all water is healthy. The government has decided to allow chemicals, drugs, and other pollutants to remain in our water in small amounts. They have decided that these small amounts are allowable. Healthy bodies may be able to filter these pollutants, but let’s face it, who is actually healthy these days? Consider researching filters for your drinking water. Your kidneys will thank you.
“Grocery stores carry food.” – FALSE

You may believe that grocery stores carry food, but actually, they don’t.  We have to stop calling these factory-made adulterated products “food.”  They aren’t.  Over 50% of the products in grocery stores are not real food.1  We need to go the extra mile and seek out real food and stop eating products that have the nutritional value of a piece of cardboard or worse.


“Being hungry means I need more food.” – FALSE

Hunger is often equated with the need for food.  However, our bodies are smarter than that.  We feel hunger when we are malnourished, aka lacking nutrition.  If a person were to eat all processed foods, they would be hungry more and eat more because they would not receive the nutrition their body needed from the adulterated food product.  If a person eats real foods with healthy fats, their body receives the nutrition from the food and they are less hungry and eat less food.  Nutrition matters!  Eating nutrient dense foods makes eating real foods affordable and promotes health.



1. Fox News – Over half US grocery store purchases are highly processed foods, says study

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