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In June 2016, I had the opportunity to train with Madriella Doula Network to become a certified childbirth doula.  Through this training and my own birth experience, I have been able to support women in the Montgomery and Prattville area with their non-medical childbirth needs.  This post will detail my childbirth doula services allowing you a window into what I offer and how to hire me for your birth!

Doula in Prattville, Alabama


What is a Childbirth Doula?

A childbirth doula is a woman’s birth helper who:

  • answers non-medical pregnancy questions
  • encourages mothers while they go through the new experiences of pregnancy
  • helps mothers prepare birth plans/wishes to prepare for childbirth
  • prepares mothers and fathers with practicing birth positions and pregnancy goals
  • attends the birth as a mother’s support to give encouragement, massage, hip squeezes, birth position support, and more

How can I hire a Childbirth Doula in Montgomery?

You can hire me by following the steps below or you can search online to find other local doula services.

I offer childbirth doula services in Prattville, Millbrook, Boylston, and Montgomery.  The first interview can be scheduled within the first trimester and future sessions can be scheduled during this meeting.  My childbirth services are contracted for a three sessions, a birth plan/wishes session, a birth position and preparation session, and the final session being your birth!

Ask me about my add on services at our interview!

My Childbirth Doula Rates - Payment in Full
$500 at contract signing
My Childbirth Doula Rates - Payment Plan
Three payments of $200: 1st payment at contract signing, 2nd payment at 1st session, and final payment at 2nd session
My Childbirth Doula Rates - includes Birth Photography
$800 for doula services that include candid birth photography with a professional Nikon camera (only offered to doula clients)
My Childbirth Doula Rates - Military
$450 (Is your spouse deployed? Ask me about my deployment rates.)


If you would like to hire me, you can contact me on my Boholistic Mom Facebook Page –> here or you can send a message to my “Contact Me” Page –> here.

How it works:

  1. I will check my calendar to see if I will be available during your delivery.  If I am . . .
  2. We will schedule an interview to review your needs, my services, our compatibility, and my contract.  If it’s a hit . . .
  3. You will sign the contract for the services and decide on your payment plan.
  4. We will schedule your two sessions for the second and third trimester.  I will block two weeks out on my calendar for your delivery!
  5. You have your very own doula!

I look forward to working with you!

Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom

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