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Almost everyone uses eggs.  Recipes call for them.  You may have them for breakfast.  You pick them up in white sterilized Styrofoam at the grocery store.  You know about real eggs, right?

We know a version of eggs that have been washed, resealed, packaged, and made to look all identical by selecting all the same sizes.  It’s like calling Borgs from Star Trek human.  And if you are not a Trekkie, just ignore that last comment.  I’m going to give a comparison between real eggs and not so real “Borg” eggs.

Real Eggs VS “Borg” Eggs

Real eggs are not washed; they have a natural protective coating surrounding them that protects them from the air and bacteria.

Borg eggs are washed and sterilized removing their natural protective coating and leaving them open to pick up bacteria from the environment.

Real eggs are various sizes just like babies are born different sizes.  They are also different colors as real chickens lay eggs of all different colors (including white).

Borg eggs are only accepted in certain sizes and colors.  The commercialized chickens must lay white eggs or brown eggs.

Real eggs that haven’t been washed can be left out on the counter for as much as two weeks without spoiling.  This is done all over Europe.

Borg eggs will go bad quickly when left out.  Since they have their natural protective coating removed, they are now porous and susceptible to bacteria.

Real eggs are nutritious and have Vitamin A, D, and K2 as well as Choline and healthy cholesterol.

Borg eggs may have DPB (Disinfection By-Product) from being cleaned by Chlorine.1  They may also be cleaned by sodium carbonate, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid.

Real eggs have mothers who were raised on insects, worms, and other bugs as well as green plants and wild seeds.2

Borg eggs are fed a “vegetarian” diet . . . only chickens are not vegetarians.  This often involves feeding the chickens soy (often GMO), which is unnatural to its diet.

As you can see, real eggs have a lot going for them.  Scroll down to see how you can find real eggs and leave the Borg eggs on the shelf.

Real Eggs VS Borg Eggs - Boholistic Mom

Finding Real Eggs

  1.  Find a real farmer.  You can do this by going to a farm (yes, those still exist) and/or visiting your local farmer’s market.  Look this information up at Localharvest.org.
  2. Get to know your farmer.  Meet his chickens.  Ask him about how they are fed.
  3. Ask your farmer if his chickens are tested for salmonella or how he keeps his chickens well.  Chickens without salmonella are safe.  The eggs will be completely safe for you and your family.
  4. Ask your farmer if he washes his eggs.  If you want to leave them out, request unwashed eggs.
  5. Enjoy your very real non-Borg eggs!

Brought to you by . . .

THE Boholistic Mom

Brooke Shambley


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