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Roasting a Pumpkin | Boholistic Mom

Roasting a Pumpkin

Can I just say that there are a million different ways to cook a pumpkin?  So while it may seem like cooking a pie pumpkin is a radical activity, it really isn’t.  In fact, it is more rewarding and financially smart than buying those cans of pureed pumpkin.

The benefits?

Roasting pumpkin in the fall gives you a ton of raw material for recipes, is extremely affordable, and is memorable.  A pumpkin is a spacious item.  In that one pie pumpkin, you get tons of pumpkin for recipes.  You can freeze it, you can can it, you can use it as a soup bowl, and you can use it right away in a recipe.  It’s amazingly versatile.

I mentioned that it is extremely affordable.  I just bought 5 pie pumpkins for $5 at Kroger.  Can we say DEAL?!  These puppies are at least two pounds each and will serve me for many recipes.  I think I might go back and get more . . . what other vegetable can you get at the store for 50 cents a pound?  Remember, sticking with the seasonal vegetables will always save you money.

Okay, this may seem silly, but cooking real pumpkins is memorable.  You feel like you are nurturing your family, breathing in the fall season, and creating new traditions all at one time.  Why do we revere traditions so much?  Because our American society has become so amalgamated that we no longer hold to the beautiful traditions of our past cultures.  It is important for each family to build traditions.  This builds unity that is vital for the survival of the family unit.  The pumpkin is vital for the survival of your family!  Okay . . . I’ve gone a bit far.  Regardless, roasting a pumpkin can be a memorable event for you and your family each fall.

How Does One Roast a Pumpkin?

I could sit here and copy a million recipes from wonderful blogs online . . . or I can link to them.  I vote for linking!  Here are some great recipe ideas to get you started cooking your pumpkins:

How to Roast a Whole Pumpkin | Detoxinista

I really like this recipe . . . because I’m a weakling.  I tried to cut my pie pumpkin and I failed miserably.  Thus the need for a recipe that calls for roasting the entire pumpkin stem and all.  I really couldn’t get the stem cut off!

Cooking Pieces of Pumpkin in the Oven |  The Pioneer Woman

This is the first recipe that I tried to do, but I couldn’t actually cut the pumpkin.  Maybe it’s not me . . . maybe its the pumpkin.  Anyway!  This one calls for laying out the pieces of pumpkin on a baking sheet and cooking them for 45 minutes.  Looks simple and perfect for taking right out, skinning, and pureeing.

How to Cook a Pumpkin in a Crockpot | The Happy Housewife

I know how everyone is enamored by their crock-pots, so everyone is sure to love this recipe.  The Happy Housewife calls for cutting off the top of the pumpkin, scooping out the middle then placing the slices in the crock-pot.  This would be great for a day long recipe where you don’t have . . . 45 minutes to do it in the oven.  Sorry, I’m crock-pot anti-biased. 😉

Grilling a Pumpkin | Serious Eats

Make your husband do the work and get him to cut the pumpkins in half and grill them.  Appeal to his manliness and need for fire 😉  Then you can use it to make the soup that is included in the recipe!



Recipes for the Roasted Pumpkin

I couldn’t leave you high and dry without some creative ideas for using your newly cooked pumpkin.  Now that you know that roasting a pumpkin is easy, you’ll need myriads of recipes to sustain you.


Pumpkin, Feta, Bacon Quiche | Good North Coast Life

The recipe has measurements in grams, but I couldn’t resist including this recipe.  It has real food ingredients and looks extremely promising.  I have not tried this recipe.

Pumpkin Pasta | BBC Good Food

This pumpkin pasta is Italian inspired and has quality ingredients.  Sounds delish!

Pumpkin Oat Bread | Naturally Ella

Perfect option if you aren’t gluten free.  Be sure to buy organic flour to avoid the glyphosate.

Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi | Simply Recipes

Wow!  I’m getting hungry just looking at that luscious bowl of gnocchi!

Indian Kaddu Ki Sabzi | Veg Recipes of India

I think I just figured out what is for lunch . . .

Roasted Cheese Pumpkin | Food 52

Gooey, yummy, bowl of goodness.  Just be sure to coat the pumpkin with coconut oil or ghee instead of the vegetable oil.

Pumpkin Buttermilk Biscuits | Foodness Gracious

Nothing is better than buttermilk biscuits in the morning; alright, well some things are.  It’s just an expression!  To do this best, be sure to substitute Sucanat or coconut sugar for the refined sugar in the recipe.  You can also grab organic flour to avoid the glysophate.

Indian Mathanga Erissery Pumpkin Curry from Kerala | Indugets Cooking

More curry!  You can never have enough curry.

Pumpkin, Kale, Onion Tacos | Cheese and Choco

Take a second, make yourself some corn tortillas and the rest is easy.

Roasted Pumpkin Salad | 101 Cookbooks

You can roast some other vegetables to go along with your roasted pumpkin.  Let’s all have a roasting good time.


Now that I’m completely hungry and have three very hot pumpkins that are not currently ready to be eaten in the oven . . . I’ll finish my post and decide what I will do with these pumpkins now that I have way too many options.


Au revior! Ciao!  Aloha (remember that one means goodbye and hello)!

Brooke aka THE Boholistic Mom

Brooke | Boholistic Mom


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