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heavy metals

How Heavy Metals Changed My Life

After listening to –>Leah’s story, I thought about my own story.  In high school, I was that person who popped up out of bed at the first sound of my alarm.  I had unending energy.  Consequently, I received a few vaccines on my way to college and I thought nothing of it.  I wish I had known then that vaccinations contain heavy metals that collect in the body.  At that point, I still had plenty of energy and did many of the things I planned to do.  In essence, this was my “before” era.

After college, I had more vaccinations before going to South Africa for a missions trip.  I abided by the suggested shot schedule from the CDC.  I had no idea at the time that I only needed the vaccinations that were required by South Africa, not those suggested by the CDC.  In South Africa, my energy was definitely lower.  I did many of the things I needed to do, but it began to be a struggle.  While overseas, I was sick about half of the time.  I loved my time there and I gave every bit of energy I had, but I had so much less of it to give.

I began to eat more fish following my college years.  Indiscriminately, I ate fish.  I did not know from where my fish came and I had no idea that eating certain fish could lead to heavy metal toxicity.  Most farmed fish are contaminated with heavy metals and some ocean fish.

After my trip to South Africa, I married.  During this time of my life, I became a lot less productive.  I had multiple jobs, but less energy.  While I did some of the things I intended to do, I began to avoid tasks.  I put things off more and I was happily reclusive.

We tend to equate avoidance, depression, and non-productive behavior with laziness and poor choices.  This belief begets guilt and more depression.  In truth, much of this behavior can be explained by the distress created in our bodies by heavy metals.

We moved to Gulfport and I became pregnant.  This happened in only two months. During my pregnancy, the doctor insisted that as a pregnant woman I was immune compromised and that I must have a flu shot.  I trusted him.  I had never gotten flu shots, but since I was at “so much risk” I acquiesced.  After having my son, I was so worn down, depressed, and out of energy.

Three years later, we moved to Naples, Italy.  Guess what?  Shots again.  They insisted that we get caught up before we moved.  I realized later that they were mandating a suggested vaccination list.  I now realize I only needed the shots required by Italy, not the ones suggested by the CDC.  More heavy metals.

Naples was a bear.  My son was sick . . . he came down with pneumonia “out of nowhere” right after we had started to get him caught up on shots.  Then he had an ear infection.  I was sick as well.  Our immune systems where completely shot.  I was depressed.  While I eventually recovered from the initial shock of the move, I lacked energy, I hid in my house every day that I did not have anything planned, and I had so many days that I was very depressed.  Why?  Why was I having these issues for the first time in my life?

Heavy metal toxicity.

Healing from Heavy Metal Toxicity

Since returning from Naples, I have had good days and bad days.  I had been putting on a brave face for a long time.  I wanted to act like my good days were all of my days instead of embracing the reality that all of the bad days were equally a part of my life.  My real reality was this: I would be good-to-go for three to four days a week and depressed/low-functioning for about 3 to 4 days a week.  Something had to give.

After the WAPF conference this past November, Leah McCullough and I began to talk about her heavy metal detox protocol.  I signed up for her class, bought her book, and have purchased the supplements for my husband and myself. Things have started to change.

Today’s Challenge

Think over your life up until this point.  What is your story?  Have you become less and less productive with less and less energy?  When did you begin this downward spiral?  Could it be related to heavy metals?

Tomorrow, I will share more about what to look for in a detox protocol and I will provide information about avoiding heavy metals.  You can also use the list to think through your past exposures to heavy metals.  This may help you to put together your story.  I want your story to end in victory.

Head over to Part 3 to hear the rest of my journey –> Part 3 – Detox Protocol and Avoiding Toxins

Brooke Shambley
THE Boholistic Mom

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