Resources for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

I am developing this section of my page to be a resource for women who want to be more fertile (aka get pregnant), for pregnant moms, and for breastfeeding mothers.  Please let me know what resources you’d love to see and I’d be happy to add more!

The Fertility Diet

Pregnant Mom| Boholistic Mom

Check out the fertility diet if you are looking for a nutritional guide for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and after pregnancy.  I gathered information from various real food/traditional books and speakers and designed a printable that includes their recommendations.

Redeeming My Birth

 I was able to rewrite my birth story after training as a doula.  So many things didn’t go the way I had planned, but through this healing exercise I was able to focus on what I would have said to myself if I had been my own doula.  Knowing the grace that I would have extended to myself as a mother if I had been the doula, I realized that I was still blaming myself for many of the decisions that I made as the doe-eyed mom.  We need to forgive ourselves and learn to accept the decisions we made when we just did not know.  Moving forward!

Other Resources

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