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As I’ve been exploring the world of holistic remedies and finding results outside of a bottle of OTC medication, I have found many areas of exploration.  Teas, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic medicine, and even pressure points are all possible ways to offer a remedy to certain ailments, injuries, and sicknesses.  However, within the last year [Update:  It’s been 3 years now!] I have discovered a very potent remedy that is amazingly overlooked by modern medicine.  For smaller situations and treating minor ailments, Essential Oils are an effective form of holistic remedy and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see proof of real results.

Possible Areas of Treatment

Let’s start with the obvious, I am not a health care professional.  One day, I may be a holistic coach [Update: In 2016, I began offering health coaching services.], but I only know what I have tried and what I have experienced.  I’m also not being paid money to prescribe medications to my patients and I’m not being wined and dined to test out the newest drug on my patients.  So while I only have my humble opinion, you can also be sure that my humble opinion is not tainted by inordinate amounts of money and I am getting no perks to discuss this with you.  I do get benefits if you sign up with Young Living through me, but so far, putting out this information has not benefited me monetarily [Update: I have been able to monetize my blog, because it helps to make money to keep blogging!].  Thus when I tell you that in my research and experience essential oils have many possible uses for treating minor ailments, you can take that with a grain of salt or you can totally believe it.  It’s up to you.

Here are some “possible” treatments that essential oils “may” provide relief:

  • I use Peppermint Oil to reduce fevers and to calms my stress headaches.
  • I use Lavender Oil to calm stress, to help me sleep, and to encourage my skin to repair when injured.
  • I use Lemon Oil to help sanitize my kitchen and to brighten my mood.
  • I use Tea Tree Oil to discourage external infections and to ward off fungal infections.
  • I use Oregano Oil to discourage internal infections and to rid my throat of bacteria that is causing irritation.

These are just the oils I’ve used regularly so far and from which I’ve had amazing benefits.  Will you have the same exact results?  Maybe and maybe not.  However, especially as a parent, if you first had the option to try diluted Peppermint Oil on your child’s feet to bring down a fever rather than just giving them a Tylenol or ibuprofen, wouldn’t you try it?  I know I’m happy to have alternatives to modern medicine especially ones that are as powerful as essential oils.

Where to Find Them

You can find essential oils at most health food stores, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to trace the sources of these oils.  Why know the source?  It’s just like knowing your food comes from an organic farm rather than a conventional farm that sprays pesticides and the like on their crops.  Essential Oils need to be pure with no extra additives.  The crops need to be grown in careful conditions and harvested at the perfect time.  Basically, you want to find a company that you know you can trust to take the time, effort, and expense to grow good crops for the best possible essential oils.  My choice?  I went with Young Living.  I like that they provide plenty of information, thus learning and educating about the oils becomes a part of the Young Living process.  Each bite of information that I get, the more I want.  It’s great.

If you want to buy from Young Living, awesome!  I can fill you in on that straight away.  If you want to buy elsewhere, I’d suggest only using the oils topically or diffusing the oils. [Update: There are a few other companies that sell somewhat quality oils.  I still choose YL.]  If you feel like you can trust the company and you know where your oils come from and how they are made, then and only then would I consider taking the oils internally.  You want to know everything about the oils that you are putting inside of your body; they are powerful!

Why Join Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils

If you want to buy from Young Living, you can sign up as a retail customer on Young Living’s website.  As a Wholesale Member (aka distributor) I buy the oils for myself and I sell oils to retail customers.  You can also sign up as a Wholesale Member to become a distributor of Young Living Essential oils (and to save 24% off your purchases).  Either way you can follow the link here to sign up as a retail customer (to buy some amazing oils) or as a wholesale member (to buy and sell these amazing oils).  I’m really not pushy, so if you buy something I am not going to pester you to buy more unless you want some more.  I’m also not pushy if you sign up to sell, you can sign up to get your essential oil kit and buy about $50 worth of oils a year (or a Premium Distributor kit which is a great deal) and still remain an active wholesale member and get your 24% off of the oils.  I love educating about Essential Oils, but I feel that each purchase is a personal decision for your family to make.  I want each of my customers and members to feel like they are personally deciding to pursue new methods of maintaining their families health rather than making purchases due to the pressure of an outside force.  If you are one of my distributors, I encourage you to take this same approach with your new distributors.

After signing up as a Wholesale Member, I also decided to join the essential rewards program (you can sign up after joining or you can start right away with one of the Essential Rewards Kits), because I already knew I’d be ordering $50 per month to try out Young Living’s products.  I have a list all made out of all their products that I want to try and I’m going to stay on the essential rewards program until I’ve tried everything I want to try  [Update: Indefinitely.  I’m staying on the ER program to continue to purchase the products I need monthly for my family].  I have a feeling my list may keep growing so I’ll probably stay on the essential rewards program for a very long time!

Step One:  Decide whether you want to be a retail customer or a wholesale member

As a retail customer, you can simply fill in the form and begin your order.  Please feel free to e-mail me at boholisticmom at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

Wholesale members, continue reading.

Step Two:  Go to Young Living’s sign up page here.  If the Enrollment/Sponsor numbers are not automatically filled in, you can fill in both with my number: 1620234.

Step Three:  Decide which starter kit you’d like to begin with; I’d suggest choosing the Premium Starter Kit so your family will have the benefit of all of the oils in the full essential oils kit.  If you want to get the 24% off and buy gradually, you can buy the basic starter kit.  Finally, if you are overseas at an APO/FPO address, purchase the APO/FPO Premium Starter Kit to have the kit directly sent to your address.  The regular Premium Starter Kit has Frankincense, which will not ship internationally through USPS.  In the APO/FPO Premium Starter Kit, Young Living has replaced the Frankincense with AromaEase so that we can receive the kit even as our family’s are stationed overseas!

Step Four: Optional: You can immediately join the Essential Reward Program and get an Essential Reward Kit.  You do not have to join right away and always have the ability to join this program later.  GREAT program.

If you do not join the Essential Reward Program, you may want to consider joining later.  The benefit of joining ER Program is that you get back 10% for the first 6 months, 15% for the following 6 months, then 20% at a year.  [Update: Now the deal is sweeter.  Within the first 1–3 months, you earn 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV.  Within 4–24 months you earn 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV.  Within 25+ months you earn 25 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV.  Yes, that means you get 25% back in points plus your 24% off making you save around 49% off your oils.]  If you will be using the oils and products regularly, it is definitely worth it.

Step Five: Of course, it does cost to join, but maintaining health is so much less expensive than paying for sick bills.  You can fill in your CC information on the page.

Note: If you get three people to join during your sign up month, you will actually get a paycheck from Young Living for around $150 basically paying for your Premium Kit.  I’ll write more about earning money from your YL business in another post.

Step Six: You can add other products to your order at this point and place your order.  Congratulations, you’ve joined Young Living!

If you decide to become a retail customer using the link above, you are my customer and I’m pleased to have your business!  If you decide to become a wholesale member, then you are my newest team member!  I’ll be contacting you soon to help you get started and answer any of your questions.  Anyone who is interested in learning more about essential oils can feel free to join my Boholistic Mom on Essential Oils Facebook Group page to have awesome tidbits of information on your Facebook Feed or to ask questions.  Look forward to chatting with you on oils!

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Brooke Shambley

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