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Real Food Stories: Real Food, Real People

Real Food, Real People will be a collection of real food stories about the realizations and life changes of real people as they come to understand and value real food.

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“I’m reading a Kindle book. I know, I know. But it was cheaper.

It’s called “It Starts with Food.” It’s about the Paleo diet – AKA eating food that’s actually good for you. Foods that actually add to your health rather than detracting from it due to unnecessary additives and processing and fake sugar and the works. And about how, if you’re eating real food that really is good for you, your body is actually able to operate at its . . .

Jessica – Licensed Massage Therapist

“Oh heavens!  I used the word diet; please, don’t run away screaming.  I no longer fear the word diet.  I detest the verb “dieting,” but I absolutely cherish the word diet.

I grew up during the low fat craze of dieting.  There were low fat Oreos, low fat Wheat Thins; dude, they were even pulling the fats . . .

Brooke – Boholistic Mom, Mother, and Military Spouse