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Benefits of Essential RewardsEssential Rewards: Why Join?

When you sign up with Young Living as a Wholesale Member, you have the option of joining YL’s Essential Rewards Program.  When I first joined, this confused me so much!  As I filled out the information on the screen, Young Living had these Essential Rewards Kits that were upwards of $100.  I had so many questions!

“Do I need to buy these to be a part of the Essential Rewards program?”

“Why are the kits so expensive?”

“I thought I only needed to buy $50 a month to be in the Essential Rewards Program . . .”

In this post you will learn about . . .

essential rewards kits, how to join Young Living’s essential reward program, how to reach 50 PV, and why to reach 100 PV for essential rewards

Essential Rewards Kits

Young Living Offers three Essential Rewards Kits when you sign up with Young Living.

Everyday Oils Essential Rewards Kit

Essential Oil Kit


The NingXia Red Kit

Ningxia Red ER


The Thieves Kit



The purpose of immediately joining the Essential Rewards program with a kit is to jump start your Essential Rewards Points and to jump start your Young Living collection.

Do you need to buy this kit to be a part of Essential Rewards?  No.  You can join at ANY point after signing up.

Joining the Program

I chose to join the Essential Rewards Program after I signed up to become a Wholesale Member (Distributor) of Young Living.  While I could have bought an Essential Rewards Kit, I wasn’t sure what I wanted yet.  I began my purchasing slowly and after trying out a few of Young Living’s home products, I realized that I could join the Essential Rewards program quite easily.  Why not get points back from each order so that I can get free Essential Oils?

You can join the Essential Rewards Program and begin accumulating points by agreeing to buy 50 PV each month with Young Living.  It is an automatic order that cycles each month on the same date.  You change out the products that you want each month and you actually receive a shipping discount for joining.

The benefits?

For the first 1–3 months you earn 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order back in PV that can be used for orders.

For the next 4–24 months you earn 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order back in PV that can be used to order all of your supplements, essential rewards, and cleaning supplies!

For the rest of the 25+ months you earn 25 percent (that is 1/4) of each Essential Rewards order back in PV.

If you are a part of Best Buy’s Rewards program, Marriott Rewards, Office Depot’s Rewards, or even Amazon Rewards . . . you fully understand the benefit of getting money back for being a steady customer.  If you are going to be purchasing from a company, you gain the most by being a part of their rewards program.

Essential Rewards 101

How Can I Easily Maintain my 5o PV a Month?

Since joining, I’ve found adding 50 PV in product a month very easy.  There are so many great products that Young Living offers and so many things that I use up and need to replace.  Here is my shopping list for Young Living that helps me to maintain my 50 PV a month.  Remember, the prices that I’m listing are the full prices.  When you join Young Living you get 24% off of these prices . . . then your 10%-20% back in points with Essential Rewards!

  • Thieves Household Cleaner –  Since YL’s cleaner is condensed, you can dilute the solution in water.  My bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner has lasted me for over 6 months!
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap – I love using Thieves Foaming Hand Soap!  My hands smell awesome AND my family is no longer being poisoned by the sodium laurel sulfate that is included in most commercial hand soaps.  This is definitely a worthy investment for my family.
  • Life 9 Probiotics – a probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.
  • Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash – Want fresh breath without wondering what you are swishing?  Young Living’s mouth wash uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to help fight mouth bacteria.
  • NingXia Red – (2 bottles) – With your YL discount, this awesome supplement is only $1 per serving.  NingXia Red tastes great, kids love it, and it is great for encouraging the immune system and promoting healing.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender is my go-to oil.  I use it for everything!  I use it as an antibiotic ointment by adding coconut oil.  I use it on a burn when I’m clumsy in the kitchen.  I use it on my nose when my nose is inflamed from allergies.  I use it around the outside of my eye (not in my eye) to fight itchy eyes; it soothes so fast!  I use it with Purification to calm bug bites.  Considering I use this oil so much, I find myself replenishing it every other month.  This one DEFINITELY goes on my Essential Rewards order.
  • Valor Essential Oil – Valor is my FAVORITE essential oil.  I fell in love with it when it came in my Essential Oil Kit.  While it no longer comes in the kit, this one is a must have.  It is great when worn as a perfume, but it is also great for overall well-being.

These are only some of Young Living’s products that I buy regularly.  Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill and Lavender Essential Oil I purchase bi-monthly.  The rest fill in my orders along with new oils that I haven’t tried yet.  All of the oils are so helpful and promote my family’s health.  I’m sure you will also be able to fill your Essential Rewards Orders easily each month.  Don’t forget!  You’ll surely be having friends asking you to add in a few oils to your order each month.

50 PV to 100 PV

Having an order each month of 50 PV allows you to reap the benefits of the Essential Reward program.  Having an order of 100 PV in a month allows you to reap the benefits of your business.  As you have new distributors join your team, you will want to up your order for the month to 100 PV.  Each distributor (with a Premium Kit) who joins under you while you have 100 PV allows you to receive a check from Young Living for about $50.  If your distributor joins with a basic kit, you will get a check for around $25.  I’ve been able to use this money to benefit my distributors by offering a perk for joining.  Other times, I use the money to help pay for the extra 50 PV that I needed to spend in order to get the $50.  This helps me to build my inventory.  When you are already a part of the Essential Rewards program, adding 50 PV is not hard.  You can either add it during your monthly order or if you have someone join unexpectedly, you can place a second quick order to increase your monthly PV to 100 PV.

You do not have to maintain 100 PV each month continuously to gain the benefits from individual distributors joining.  However, once you get a certain amount of distributors in your business who with your orders spend 500 PV collectively, you will make money from Young Living when you maintain your 100 PV.  This gains you “Star” status with Young Living.  I’m still learning about the business aspects of Young Living, but I want to keep you informed about the next steps.  I am at the point where I simply want to educate and encourage those around me to explore oils, but at some point, I may want to build my business intentionally.  You may also get to that point and now you know the next step that you would need to take to build your business.


You may have more questions about Essential Rewards or about Young Living.  You may even read this and realize that you want to join my team!  If you want more information on joining, please visit my Essential Oils page here.

If you have more questions about Essential Rewards or about Essential Oils, then please join my group page on Facebook!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are more educated and a little less confused about the Young Living Essential Rewards program!

Sign Up Now

To sign up with Young Living with me and to reap the benefits of the Essential Rewards program, read my blog post here and sign up on Young Living with my sponsor/enroller number #1620234.  I look forward to having you join my team!

Brooke Shambley

THE Boholistic Mom



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