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Jessica is a friend of mine who is a Licensed Massage Therapist.  As I read a Facebook note that she wrote titled “It Starts with Food.”  I came to understand that the realizations of real people about real food is what matters most.  Who cares that some book says that real food is good for you?  Who cares if you down an Oreo?  I personally find it significant in my life that Jessica decided that her body did care.  Maybe you will too.  I am so happy to share her post with you as you decide where you stand when it comes to real food.
Brooke Shambley, Boholistic Mom




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It Starts with Food.

by Jessica

I’m reading a Kindle book. I know, I know. But it was cheaper.

It’s called “It Starts with Food.” It’s about the Paleo diet – AKA eating food that’s actually good for you. Foods that actually add to your health rather than detracting from it due to unnecessary additives and processing and fake sugar and the works. And about how, if you’re eating real food that really is good for you, your body is actually able to operate at its full potential, including an increased power with which to fight disease, resist allergic reactions, recover from injuries, achieve better degrees of mental focus, and get a good night’s rest. Don’t just feed your face – increase your quality of life with the food you eat. Good stuff.

I mention it because they brought up something and it struck me last night in a way that I’d never realized. Take cookies. You could eat just one … but if you don’t watch it, you can eat a whole row. Somehow you’re a bottomless pit when it comes to Oreos. But you go to eat a steak and your body tells you when it’s time to stop.  Your body will let you gorge on junk food but when it comes to the stuff that’s actually good for you, it yanks the reins.  What gives?

A steak has good fats, good protein, good sugars. Stuff your body needs for energy. You eat it, and it says, “Thank you very much! That should be enough to last me a while. You can stop now.”

An Oreo has bad fat, nearly no protein, and fake sugar. You eat it not because it’s good for you, but because it has a pleasing psychological effect. So you eat that stuff and your body says, “This is not actually food. I haven’t gotten any of the nutrients I need yet. PLEASE KEEP FEEDING ME.” And because it plays with your hormone levels and gives you a false sense of happiness, you don’t stop to reach for anything that DOES have nutrients … you grab another Oreo. Or a scoop of ice cream. Or a potato chip. The only thing stopping you is your stomach wall no longer being able to expand. (But if you keep it up, it WILL stretch farther next time!)

DUH! It’s so obvious. How have I never realized this before??

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