What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

This post is actually a troubleshooting post for my post titled “What Does the Bible Say about Boobs? over at Blissful Moments Doula.  You can find that post >here<.  I know many ladies will have so many questions about the assertions that I made, but many of those have to do with modesty rather than the Biblical passages on breasts.  So I decided I would continue the discussion here on my blog.

What Does the Bible Say about Modesty?

I’m sure many of you have read the post on “What Does the Bible Say About Boobs?” and have come up with many rebuttals.  I will attempt to address the most frequently asked questions here.

Modesty and the Bible

Modesty in I Timothy 2:9

In the New Testament, we often see I Timothy 2:9 as the ultimate verse relating to modestly.  Why is this verse used so often?  Because the Greek word for modesty is only used twice in the New Testament.  Both times they appear in Timothy and the other one is most often interpreted as ‘respectable’ or ‘good behavior.’  The Hebrew word for modesty is also less about external appearance and dress, but rather about humility.  Tsana (or צָנַע) is to be humble, be modest, be lowly.  Biblical modesty had to do with being humble and modest in heart (Proverbs 11:2).

It isn’t just the word modesty that has been used mistakenly throughout the years of our Biblical heritage.  The entire verse is most often pulled out of context.  Read I Timothy 2:1-10 for the full context, I’ll summarize below.

In the first verse, we are talking about the four basic kinds of prayers that we are called to pray for all people.  […]

Fair Trade Clothing Companies You Need to Know About

Fair Trade Clothing Companies | Boholistic Mom

Why It Matters

I care deeply about the people who are affected by my shopping.  My dollars have the power to bring freedom . . . or slavery.  Yes!  SLAVERY.  So many of the clothing items that we purchase are made by slave laborers and even with child labor.

Many of my readers live in the United States of America and believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Yet within our country, we have human trafficking and we support human trafficking elsewhere.  Due to our US companies sourcing fabric, electronics, purses, and other products unethically, the US consumers support the forced labor trade through financing.  It has to stop.  Don’t you agree?  It stops when each one of us takes a look at our spending habits and chooses to purchase wisely and ethically.

If you don’t know whether your clothing, electronics, and other household items are being produced ethically, keep reading.

The Stats

  • Almost 21 million people are victims of forced labor – 11.4 million women and girls and 9.5 million men and boys.
  • Almost 19 million victims are exploited by private individuals or enterprises.
  • 5.5 million (26 %) are below 18 years.
  • Of those exploited by individuals or enterprises, 4.5 million are victims of forced sexual exploitation.
  • The other 14.5 million are mostly laboring in domestic work, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment.
  • Forced labor in the private economy generates US $150 billion in illegal profits each year.


Source: International Labor Association – Forced labour, […]

My Boho Beach Look with One Kings Lane

My Dream Beach Look

This week, I had the opportunity to join One Kings Lane “A Shore Thing: Beach Towels + Bikinis” campaign.  I’m very happy to participate, but even more so, I love having inspiration.  This week, I’m inspired by One Kings Lane.  Before showing you my personal boho beach look, I’m going to show you my dream look with items from One Kings Lane.  Take an imaginary beach voyage with me and tell me if you love these ideas as much as I do . . .

First, lay down on your beautiful beach towel!

 Next, look around and enjoy the amazing glasses that are filled with any kind of refreshing juice you wish to drink.

Delicious right?  And even more delightful in those glasses.

Now on to thinking about how cute your bathing suit looked as you took it out of your adorable bikini bag.  Who gets to have such an awesome bag for their bikini?  That’s right, you.

 And then there’s the umbrella.  I mean, it’s unbelievable.

Can you believe that the beach is […]

Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

DIY sunscreen - Boholistic Mom

Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

I made my first homemade sunscreen last year and loved it.  It was great to slather on a non-toxic mix of oils and know that I was keeping away the toxic mess that sunscreens have become.  Still, I wanted to provide my blog readers with more than just a little recipe that I whipped up.  I like to really research the options!

Note: Remember, that no matter how much sunscreen (whether natural or not) you use, you still need to work up to staying outside for hours.  This will help to protect your skin, but a healthy diet and regular sun exposure will really help to protect your body and help your body cope with the sun.

Let me provide you with the facts and finish with options.  You have more than one option when it comes to protecting you and your family from the sun and from modern sunscreens.

This is a list of the natural ingredients that you can use in your homemade sunscreen recipe.

  • Almond Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil (fractionated)
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Wheatgerm Oil
  • Macadamia Nut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Calendula Infused Oil
  • Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Beeswax
  • Helichrysum Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

Obviously, you don’t need all of these ingredients.  This list just provides you with options and even substitutes.  First off, let’s venture into the SPF of these ingredients.

I found multiple sources with quite a few SPF (Sun Protection Factor) numbers.  I will give you the comprehensive […]

Boho Mom: How to Dress Like You Don’t Care When You Do

Becoming a Boho Mom| Boholistic Mom

I like to think of myself as a boho mom, but some days I feel like I’m still in training.  A boho mom is both indifferent to style and completely attentive to style at the same time.  While boho women seem to just throw on clothes without a thought in the world, thought does occur.  Maybe it doesn’t occur in the moment when the clothes are thrown together, but within the bohemian approach to life . . . each and every decision before that point has been cherished and a boho mom makes meaningful style purchases and/or makes meaningful clothing.

Each item of clothing tells a story.

Each item of clothing is a deeply loved treasure.

The style that surrounds a boho mom is a cultivated masterpiece echoing a life of caring.

Don’t you want to be a boho mom?

How to Be Boho

Only buy what you love

You would think this was obvious, but really it isn’t.  We, as women, buy clothes we don’t love.  In fact, we too often buy clothes that we love on others.  We buy the outfit that looks good on the manikin, the clothes that look good on a skinny, unrealistic model, or the clothes that we see look good on our friends.  Only . . . when we put them on we recognize that these clothes are not us.  Though we occasionally luck out on the ‘right’ outfit or shirt or pants, we have a whole wardrobe of clothes we practically hate.

Why is this?

We need to learn what clothes we love and what clothes look good on us BEFORE we buy clothes at the store.  If you are a bold and fabulous […]

Egg Yolk Shampoo – DIY Hair Wash

I have gone through many journeys with my bath and body care products.  I’ve tossed out tons of my makeup and bought new makeup that I thought was better . . . just to discover that it wasn’t (and I was allergic to it).  I tossed away the last squeeze-tube of toothpaste and discovered that I can make my own tooth powder (which is still going strong).  However for the longest time, my hair journey was stunted.  I was absolutely stuck.  I wanted to join the myriads of ladies who were POOless (without shampoo), but I tried it.  And I failed.

Egg Yolk Shampoo | Boholistic Mom

My Egg Yolk Shampoo

I failed at finding a solution until I realized that a lot of the problem with shampoos and no-poo methods were the absolute disregard for pH balance.  Shampoos strip out your hairs natural oils and many leave your hair pH a mess.  Most shampoo companies then encourage you to restore your oil balance by applying conditioners that re-moisturize your hair.  Great, so strip it all out and put it all back on.  They say the same with our faces.  Wash your face, use toner on your face to erase the wicked natural oils on your face, and then reapply “correct” moisturizers.  Who says that factory made conditioners and moisturizers are best suited to our hair?  Wouldn’t our own perfect pH-balanced natural hair oils be the best for our hair?

I wanted a pH balanced way to cleanse my hair.  I wanted something natural and was fine with it being a little bit out of the box.  The magical word for me was emulsifier.

I had […]

Body Odor – Get Rid of BO in 6 Easy Steps


I’m not sure about you, but I hate BO.  You know what BO means, right?  *whispers quietly* body odor . . .  It’s smelly.  It makes you feel like you have to keep taking a shower all the time.  Whether you are a stinky onion type or an overall yuck kind of gal, we all have one desire . . . to get rid of body odor!!!

Enough is enough.  Soap doesn’t get rid of it, not for long.  Deodorant doesn’t get rid of it.  It masks the odor and holds in your sweat.  What then?  What is the answer to stopping the stink?

Get Rid of Body Odor | Boholistic Mom6 Easy Steps to Letting Go of BO

1.  Stop Using Conventional Deodorant

Deodorant is not a solution to sweat or to body odor.  The point of deodorant is to keep the consumer coming back for more because it will never alleviate the problem.  The first claim of deodorant is that it’s an anti-perspirant.  It is not a good thing to block your sweat glands and pores to prevent sweat.  Sweat isn’t the problem; sweat is a natural way for your body to cool off.  If you are sweating excessively, take a look at step 6 to boost your overall health.

The second way that deodorant works is to mask the smell.  Most are scented to hide the smell excreted from the bacteria that grows on your armpit.  When your sweat mixes with the bacteria on your armpit, the bacteria will eat your sweat, the bacteria excrete waste on your skin, and you stink.  While some deodorants may temporarily kill bacteria, the pH of most deodorants encourage regrowth.  What a horrible cycle!

2.  Switch to a Natural […]

Natural Beauty Options: What Do I Use?


Natural Beauty Routine

Natural Beauty Routine: What Do I Use?

Let’s face it.  Being holistic and natural about external beauty is difficult.  So many products say that they are “organic” and “natural,” but for products that are not being consumed many of these claims are false.  False is probably too soft of a word.  Really . . . these products straight up lie.  Some of them have nothing natural about them, but perhaps they contain a drop of aloe or a smidge of clay and so a company calls them natural.  Really?  Are we really so gullible?  We are.  We are just that gullible.  We don’t know any better.  I’m confused.  You are confused.  We can’t decipher the information being fed to us by companies and the information that we are learning about taking care of our body in a holistic way.

How can we be fashionable and natural?  Is it possible?

I’ve begun to find an answer to this question, but it’s a gradual answer.  I’ve had to try and fail.  I’m still not using the products that I’d like to use because they do not offer me the benefit that I desire.  However, I’d LOVE to pass on the success that I have had in beauty and fashion.  Today, I’m going to let you know my “External Beauty: What Do I Use?”  These are the products that I am currently using and I’ll let you know how I like them.  I’ll even let you know what products I’m not using and why.

Ready to be challenged in your view of external beauty?


For the past three months, I have not been using shampoo.  A year ago I tried the backing soda […]

Soap Alternatives that keep you clean


In this day and age, we have come to believe that a magical clean is only achieved with soap.  Soap being whatever the store sells as soap.  It may not even be soap, but if the store calls it soap then it must clean and we are safe.  Safe from the nasty obnoxious germs we all fear.  These evil creature must be fought with foaming cleaners (sodium lauryl sulfate), antibacterial cleansers, and if that wasn’t enough, we make sure to use enough hand sanitizer to kill off yesterday’s germs, today’s germs, and tomorrow’s germs too.

Once we are sure that our hands are clean so we don’t get sick . . . we get sick because our bodies haven’t developed any resistance from the germs that we don’t have on our hands, then we beg the doctor for antibiotics or antiviral medications to zap the evil bugs from our body.

If only we understood how to live at peace with the bacteria in our lives,
instead of constantly waging war.

Can you get clean without soap? - Boholistic Mom


Did you know that we live in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria?  We need bacteria and bacteria need us.  We as humans are the host to all types of bacteria.  When we are at our healthiest, they have thriving colonies in our intestines, colonies on our skin, and even colonies in our mouths.  Our body can thrive and even heal when the good bacteria are succeeding in our body.

Why then are we always trying to get rid of bacteria?  Obviously, not all bacteria are good bacteria.  Because of these little creeps we like to call germs, all bacteria get a bad […]

Homemade Tooth Powder

Homemade Toothpaste - Boholistic Mom

Why Not to Buy Regular Toothpaste

Take a gander at the ingredients listed on the back of a tube of whitening toothpaste:

Sodium fluoride, Triclosan, water, hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, PVM/MA, copolymer, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, cellulose gum, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, carrageenan, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide

What are these things and why are they in our toothpaste?  Read below to find out what these chemicals are and how they may be affecting your health.

Sodium fluoride

Whatever you believe about Fluoride, whether we need it or we have no need for it, the fact is that we have fluorinated water, fluoride in our toothpaste, and fluoride at the dentist.  This is a lot of fluoride to be consuming when it is toxic in certain amounts.  Finally, consider this, why add fluoride when is it possible to prevent cavities through diet change?


Right here the FDA says animal studies of Triclosan “have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation” and “other studies in bacteria have raised the possibility that triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.”  Of course, as usual the FDA also states, “Triclosan is not currently known to be hazardous to humans.”  However, if it affects the hormones of animals, wouldn’t it also impact humans?


Sorbitol is both an artificial sweetener and a laxative.  Why does toothpaste need to be sweet?  And why would anyone want a laxative in their toothpaste that they use regularly?

Sodium lauryl sulfate

In this article by Drugs.com, sodium lauryl suflate is considered acceptable besides an increased chance of canker sores.  Sodium lauryl sulfate can also aggravate atopic eczema when used in moisturizers.1 How the sodium lauryl sulfate is created and how it is used may change how skin reacts to this chemical.  It is a foaming agent […]