Ship FPO | Boholistic Mom

In 2012, my address was an FPO address.  I am a Boholistic Mom, but my husband wears a uniform.  He serves his country in the United States Navy.  I am a military spouse and I am proud to serve my husband as he serves the United States of America.

Many military members and military families become stationed overseas while they are a part of the military community.  Before we leave our home country to move overseas, we know that we are sacrificing time with our families and some of our American conveniences in order to stay together as a family.  We may have to buy transformers to make our appliances work, buy new bulbs for our lamps, and have to learn how to hang clothes out to dry because the electricity cost is so high in other countries.  These sacrifices we gladly make, but some we shouldn’t have to make.  We have access to the USPS through our local bases.  We live overseas, but we can send things home and we can receive packages from our families and from companies in the states.

We’ve found that many companies are fully willing to ship to FPO (Fleet Post Office), APO (Army Post Office), and DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) addresses.  These companies take the time to fill out the customs forms and allow us access to our American goods.  We can’t buy everything from the states, but these companies help us to get what we need to care for our families.  Unfortunately, not all companies are so kind.  We’ve found some companies that add hefty charges to FPO/APO/DPO orders because they will have to fill out customs forms and take their packages to the post office.  I’m glad they […]