Revolutionary Resolutions – New Years Goals

Revolutionary Resolutions

While much of the time, I have tried to keep Boholistic Mom professional than the average blog and present it more like a website, as I write and share I’m learning how I can’t share with others about real food, bohemian style, natural lifestyle, and holistic faith without getting personal.  I can’t really let you know how special this transformation has been in my life without opening up some doors and using a few “me” and “I”‘s while writing.  Therefore, along with releasing my revolutionary resolutions that correlate with many of the areas of this website/blog, my first resolution is to you, my reader.  While sharing information, I will also begin to share about myself, my struggles, my triumphs, and my passion for the topics on Boholistic Mom.  I can hint at it in 3rd person . . . but I can’t really let you into my world without going 1st person.  Screw professional journalism, I’m boho!!!!

My Revolutionary Resolutions

Revolutionary Resolutions

  • Revolutionary Resolution #1 – Eat more fats.

I’ve slacked off my continual consumption of coconut oil and my body misses it.  I resolve to pick it back up with at least a tablespoon of coconut oil a day along with plenty of butter, lard, tallow, and schmaltz.  I want to be satisfied in 2014 and I know that real fats from real food sources bring me to a place where I don’t yearn for food.  I enjoy it when I have it and get on with my life in between.

UPDATE 3.12.2014:  I’m back to the coconut oil and I have found more local sources for grass-fed butter and a farm […]

Do a Traditional Homemaker’s Workout without a Gym


How can you get a workout at home?

Getting a workout at home isn’t really revolutionary; it’s actually quite traditional.  Traditionally, household tasks would have required much more strength, endurance, and time.  Instead of doing things the easy way, we can intentionally spend more time and effort on household tasks (it’s better than paying for a gym!).  Rather than thinking of chores as demanding and arduous, we need to embrace the strenuous nature of each activity and be thankful that we have homes to clean and families for which to care.

Home Activities that Burn Calories

Note: The ‘calories per hour’ are estimates because each person burns a different amount of calories according to their height, weight, age, and metabolism.

Washing Dishes by Hand (and drying them) – Loading a dishwasher burns very few calories and builds very little strength.  Washing dishes by hand builds strength in the arms and the back.  Traditional women would have washed all of their dishes by hand and scrubbed their cash iron skillets clean.  Check out those biceps!

Washing dishes and gathering dishes – 150 calories per hour


Cooking (and food preparation) – Even cooking food, the stuff with the calories in it, burns calories.  At Boholistic Mom, we’ve learned to embrace cooking and food preparation rather than being too concerned with the calorie count.  We’re convinced that cooking real food (not processed) keeps our bodies and families healthy and can even help our metabolisms increase naturally.  So cooking is a high priority as a workout, as […]