Social Media Challenge – Pulling the plug

In July of this year, I decided to give myself a new social media challenge.  I didn’t accept a social media challenge to post a blog a month, share on Instagram daily, or become the mama blogger of the year, instead I accepted the challenge to avoid social media for an entire month.

Why would I do this?

Because I realized that I was overcome.  I was making choices without thinking and I’d find my phone in my hand without having ever consciously picked it up.  My subconscious mind, eyes, and hand were conspiring and my time was being sucked away.  Something had to change.

I decided that July was just the right time to dedicate to avoiding social media.  Our habits are often formed in around 20-28 days and I needed at least that long to break this habit.  I chose to use the fruit of self-control that I have and take back the control that I had been casting away.

Social Media Challenge

My Personal Social Media Challenge

In July 2017, I decided to:

  • stop posting regularly in Facebook
  • stop surfing my Facebook wall
  • stop posting to my Facebook pages
  • stop posting to Instagram or checking Instagram
  • stop posting to Twitter or checking Twitter

I chose to keep checking my Facebook messages to maintain relationships and stay involved with those who directly interact with me personally (not just to the whole of Facebook).

What I Gained Through This Challenge

We do social media challenges to gain something.  Sometimes money, sometimes followers, but this type of challenge has a completely different pay off.  What I gained isn’t very tangible, yet I feel that perhaps it has been more valuable.

1.  I learned who my friends are.

I do not […]

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