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As a military mom (aka military member who is a mom or a military spouse who is a mom), you are already out of the box . . . because you have to be.  You have to adjust and change constantly.  Your life is unconventional.  It’s not like everyone else’s life.  Your family moves every year or two and you as the mom hold it together at home.  Why is the military home so strong and tight?  Because you make it that way.  Your strength holds the home together and your husband’s strength holds the family together.  He is the leader, but you are the glue.  Frankly dear, you rock.

Why does Boholistic Mom care about military moms?  I am a military mom and I have been around some AMAZING military moms.  I’ve seen how the life of a military mom is challenging, but with discipline and friendship being a military mom can be a beautiful thing to behold.  You see hospitality, love, sharing, and sacrifice demonstrated on a regular basis by the military mothers and spouses around you.  The military mom is a force to be reckoned with and will not give up.  In my opinion, that’s the spirit of a Boholistic Mom.


Military spouses and mothers needs great resources.  We value precise and concise information that is available all on one place.  It is my desire to begin compiling resources that will be invaluable to the military mom.  Here’s where we start!

Companies Who Do and Don’t Ship FPO/APO/DPO

Using Essential Oils

Other Resources

Shopping Resources

  • Ibotta – Scan your receipts and get rebates on what you buy
  • Retail Me Not – Coupon codes, discounts, and sale information for sites web wide

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