Boholistic Mom Believes That Families Are Worth It

My mission for Boholistic Mom is to see every mother equipped for the task of nurturing and nourishing her family.

  • Nurturing in peaceful parenting

  • Nourishing with real foods

  • Support for the journey

  • Encouragement for the soul

  • Educated choices for life and health

  • All to the glory of God the Father

My vision?  A passionate tribe of mothers, who nurture and nourish their families, equipping other women through support, encouragement, and education through wisdom and the Word.

  • Community matters

  • Titus 2 women

  • Supporting other women

  • Encouraging each other toward good works

  • Educating on life and health

  • A powerful, passionate tribe of women on fire

Our Story

While I could outline my entire life, passion, education, and reiterate my mission and vision for you, I would rather focus on how my story connects with yours. If you have found my site and are interested in connecting, you are likely excited about your health, your family, and/or Jesus. Maybe one, maybe all! Regardless, we have something in common.  I’m excited too!

In 2012 , I started Boholistic Mom, because I was a new mother (my son was 3 at this point), and I wanted to share what I was learning about taking care of my family and their health. Before this point, I tried a few organic foods and attempted cooking from time to time. I was novice all the way.  However that year, my family had moved to Italy, and we had little access to the typical American processed foods. It was sink or swim.

While many things changed about my lifestyle, including my health, recipes, and parenting, the biggest step in the right direction was this website and all of the posts I  shared about my journey with my friends, family, and new followers. When we teach others, we grow the most.

Fast forward ten years, I have tried so many health options, amazing recipes, life-altering remedies, and I want more.  I want to take this to the next level.  Why just write posts and take on a few clients when I can be changing the world?

New goal: Develop world changing (family revitalizing) steps to equipping mothers with the tools they need to nurture and nourish their families and begin to equip other women.

Care to join me for the ride?  Click my social media buttons below to find me across the web and shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to utilize my services as a doula, traditional health coach, or Christian health speaker.

Pleased to Meet You

My name is Brooke Shambley.  Boholistic Mom is my outlet for reaching out to mothers and encouraging them as they nurture and nourish their families.  I am married to a fantastic fellow, who is my best friend.  We are proud to be the parents of one spirited fourteen year old boy.  However, we also have our own challenges, as I have struggled with secondary infertility for 13 years.  As women, we can struggle and hurt and still reach out to those around us to encourage them.

My Education

In college, I focused on what I knew how to do best at the time: pay attention to details and design.  I left school with a BA in Studio Art emphasis in Interior Design with minors in leadership and music.  Upon entering the field of interior design, I realized that so many people were confused about happiness.  They thought that the designers could come into their home, redesign/redecorate, and they would be filled and happy.  This deep need inside these women’s hearts left me questioning about what could be done to reach the true need.

Therefore in 2010, I went back to school for my MA in Religion in Discipleship.  Since my practical skills met women’s practical needs, I felt that I wanted to learn more about what could meet their spiritual and emotional needs.  This degree equipped me to equip women to know God’s Word.

Once equipped to meet women on a more spiritual level, I once again went back to learning how to meet more of their physical, practical needs.  I went back to class to become a birth and postpartum doula.  Women need good information during birth, and I wanted to be able to know what women used to know in order to be a vital help during birth.

And so . . .

My desire is to serve women through birth services, traditional health coaching, and as a Christian health speaker.

My design background allows me to look closely at the details; my discipleship background allows me to think closely about the whole person inside and out; and my doula training and personal research on traditional food allow me to meet practical needs and develop steps for personal goals.

Let’s talk.

Brooke Shambley
Brooke ShambleyHealth Coach and Doula
Let’s get to know each other! Follow me on my social media and engage! I’d love to meet you.

Helping women learn about nutrition, childbirth, and life has become a deep passion for my life.  Nourishing women nourishes families.

Brooke Shambley
Health Coach and Doula

My Favorite Blog Posts

Below you can find some of my favorite blog posts that I have written.  I am available to speak on any of the topics on my website.  If you find a topic of interest, be sure to mention the specific post in your speaker request.  Thank you!

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Enough about me . . .

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