If you are a Christian, consider a Christian doula!

  • Doula Services   •   September 8th, 2023

When considering hiring a doula, many people consider their experience, their reputation, and their personalities. These are all great doula characteristics to consider! However, for Christian mothers, the faith of your doula can be important. Read on for reasons why you may want a Christian doula.

Note: If you are not a Christian and have a different faith background, this post is not intended to advise you. As a Christian, we respect other backgrounds, but also enjoy the company of people who share our faith.

Doulas come in all shapes and sizes and by that I mean, we all have different training organizations, different experience levels, different locations, and different views about birth. When considering hiring a doula as a Christian, you may also want to consider the faith background of your doula.

As a Christian, we actually have many different views within our denominations, but compared to the views of people who do not believe in Jesus, our views can be even farther apart, especially for birth. Here are a few reasons why Christian doulas can be very helpful for creating the environment you want for your birth, having the purity for your birth, and supporting your goals for your birth.

The Environment

Have you ever just walked into a room, and you could feel God’s presence? Have you ever met someone, and just knew that you could see God was in their lives? This is something Christian doulas can bring into your pregnancy and the birth room. A true Christian doula exudes Christ. You can see their faith from the first meeting, and they bring with them the peace of God. She may offer to pray for your pregnancy, pray over your birth plan, or pray with you during your birth. She may offer to bring Christian praise music during the birth or read scriptures. The environment of a birth with a Christian doula can be different than with other doulas.

While a doula can bring her faith to the birth room, your own faith does matter. She cannot create something out of nothing. If you know you are likely to bring a different atmosphere to the birth room, a Christian doula is not magic, she is just a God follower. If you follow her lead, you’ll get a lot out of the experience, but if you lose your crap (which, let’s face it, happens), she will help you with what you are facing.

Purity of Birth

Did you ever consider the purity of birth? Many mothers do not even know to question this. In modern times, some doulas will not only aid a mother during the delivery of her baby to life, but will come alongside a mother as she chooses death. Abortion doulas are a thing. While my heart goes out to women who are dealing with the grief and finality of abortion, a mother trying to choose a doula to support her during birth may want to consider choosing a doula who is a pro-life Christian. Death and life do not share company.

If you have gone through an abortion, please consider reaching out to Abortion Healing & Care: abortionhealing.org

Faith Focused

In addition to a doula helping to create the environment you want and supporting life, a mother may also want to choose a Christian doula because she supports her faith. Doulas with other faith backgrounds may surely be perfect for a woman of a different faith background, but a Christian mom may have drastically different views that become important during birth. A doula who practices witchcraft or energy healing may make a new mom uncomfortable if she brings this to the birth room. In addition, a doula who is not a Christian may not be as supportive when a mom wants to pray, play Christian music, or may even encourage a mom to say bad words in the birthing room rather than speaking life and love. Is this true with all non-Christian doulas? Of course not, many are very professional and will only do what their client desires.

Is faith important in birth? I believe faith is important all of the time, including birth. You may choose to find a Christian doula to support you in your birth, or you may find a professional doula of an unknown faith background to support your birth, but now you know of some aspects of birth to consider when it comes to. your doula. You have better questions to ask and ideas for your delivery.

Questions to Ask your Doula

How do you find a Christian doula? Consider using the questions below to help you decide if your doula’s faith aligns with your own:

  • What is your faith background?

  • Are you in a particular denomination?

  • What does it mean to you to be a Christian?

  • Does your faith affect the way you serve as a doula?

  • Have you ever served as an abortion doula?

Use these questions, or come up with your own. The goal is not to leave out the other doulas as they are loved and precious to God, but to consider exactly what you want for your birth. This can also be your opportunity to love on someone from another faith background if you choose. You get to decide what you want for your birth.

Christian Pro-Life Doula

As you might have guessed, I’m blogging on this topic, because I am a Christian Pro-Life doula. As a Christian, I love bringing my faith with me on call. For clients who do not share my same faith background, I am more than happy to help women from many backgrounds with their birth. Women need support and Christian doulas are a great option for any mom.

As a pro-life doula, I stand for life. In addition to being a doula, I work with Verity’s Village as their Public Relations Coordinator. Verity’s Village supports women who receive a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis for their baby. The life of babies whether they have a diagnosis or not are precious in God’s sight.

““When did Jesus’ humanity begin?” Isaiah 7:14 says, “Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son…”  Here, the Bible addressed both conception and birth.”

Roland Warren   •   President and CEO of Care Net

If you are on the Gulf Coast and looking for a Pro-Life Christian Doula, I would love to chat with you! If you are interested in bringing me to your church or even as a Pro-Life Christian speaker, let’s chat! We can speak the truth in love and stand for life.

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