Doulas for Life

  • Doula Services   •   September 8th, 2023

What are Doulas for Life? Pro-Life Doulas with a mission for life and not for death.

In recent years, doulas have broadened their range of services from birth to other services. I personally broadened my services to include fertility support, others provide postpartum support. Then doulas with big hearts also began to support mothers experiencing a loss, a bereavement doula. In an even broader context, some people have decided to become geriatric doulas for those at the end of life. That being said, the most disparate use of the term doula has been in the formation of an abortion doula, supporting death not life.

Doulas for Life is a term that stands in the face of this new trend. While doulas often tend to be artsy and adventurous in nature, not all doulas support the choosing of death for babies. Instead, supporting women and empowering them to carry their babies to term is what is best for women, not just by opinion, but according to research. Women who carried to term were able to cope with their decision more than those who ended their pregnancies. (add research) Abortion is not empowerment, but a life sentence to grief.

If you are considering ending your pregnancy, but with the help of a doula you can find the strength to carry to term. Reach out. Doulas for Life will stand by you.

A Baby In Utero Is Alive

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Doulas for Life Support Two Lives

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