Squatty Potty Review by Boholistic Mom

Squatty Potty Review | Boholistic Mom

Alright, let’s face it ladies. We all do it. While many of us prefer to do our business at home or at least do it in private, we all have to take care of it. Some of us try to hurry our business along by eating a little more fiber or trying a magnesium supplement, but it all comes out in the end. If you haven’t figured out the topic of this post . . . you are really inept in potty humor.  Today, I’m talking about . . .


Yeah. Not extremely glamorous, but hey it’s got to get done.

This is very much a sales post and I’m completely going to introduce you to something that if you buy, I’d make a little affiliate money from in the process. I’m just being honest. I have no problem with this, but if you do, now you know. Still, I don’t sign up to sell things if I hate them and really I only advocate products that I believe in.

I believe in this product.

About a year ago, I was surfing the web for different natural cures and solutions for . . . constipation. It was one of those days and honestly, I wanted solutions. Then I stumbled upon a post reviewing The Squatty Potty. Let me admit, I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw the picture of the squatty potty and thought in my head, “are these people serious?” But they are and it totally makes sense AFTER you finish laughing.

Say 200-500 years ago, we didn’t all have toilets. We either had a forest or a […]

My Real Food Timeline – How It All Started

Real Food Timeline

My Real Food Timeline

I started this Boholistic Mom website in 2013 to reach out to my friends, family, and any of those who were interested in real food like I was.  Yet my real food timeline and journey started many years before that point.  So many people get bogged down and frustrated when they think about all the different changes they could made and maybe should make, but when you realize that life is a process it isn’t daunting . . . it’s about learning and growing.  Walk with me through my life and how I changed and grew into the Boholistic Mom I am today.

1992-1998Inhaler: My Real Food Timeline | Boholistic Mom

  • Suffered with asthma and allergies


  • Realized I was lactose intolerant after having problems every day at 1 p.m. after having milk at lunch


  • Had vaccinations containing heavy metals before college and before going on a trip to South Africa

2006Boxed Meal: My Food History | Boholistic Mom

  • Married my husband, James
  • Picked up my husband’s Diet Coke habit
  • Started “cooking” for our family . . . by box and by freezer meals


  • Diagnosed with IBS by a Gastroenterologist
  • She never was asked what I was eating or drinking . . .
  • Began to cut out high fructose corn syrup

2008Soda: My Real Food Timeline | Boholistic Mom

Should You Reheat Your Coffee?


In the years since my first induction into the coffee obsessed hall of fame, I’ve learned a lot about coffee.  It wasn’t hard to start learning considering I had so very much to learn after sipping my first Folgers . . . actually it was probably an off brand . . . that was loaded with Coffee Mate powdered creamer . . . actually, no, that was probably also an off brand . . . with almost as much sugar as coffee.  Then and only then could I down the strange lava like substance purportedly known as coffee.  Learning, as I mentioned before, was easy.  I learned quickly that the strange substance sampled in my teenage years could hardly be called coffee.  There is fresh roasted coffee . . . and there are coffee grounds.  Let’s discuss fresh roasted coffee before my mouth gets bitterer and my soul echos its sentiments.

What I know about coffee is almost all from experience and very little from books and further roasting knowledge.  I know what tastes good.  I know what doesn’t.  Fresh roasted coffee tastes phenomenal.  I went from drinking coffee from strange coffee grounds, to drinking coffee at coffee houses, to drinking coffee that was freshly ground, then finally to coffee that was freshly roasted and freshly ground.  After drinking the later, there’s really no returning to the former.  Fresh aromatic coffee takes you in as it brews with the smells permeating the air.  Then when you pour the deep brown liquid into a […]

Revolutionary Resolutions – New Years Goals

Revolutionary Resolutions

While much of the time, I have tried to keep Boholistic Mom professional than the average blog and present it more like a website, as I write and share I’m learning how I can’t share with others about real food, bohemian style, natural lifestyle, and holistic faith without getting personal.  I can’t really let you know how special this transformation has been in my life without opening up some doors and using a few “me” and “I”‘s while writing.  Therefore, along with releasing my revolutionary resolutions that correlate with many of the areas of this website/blog, my first resolution is to you, my reader.  While sharing information, I will also begin to share about myself, my struggles, my triumphs, and my passion for the topics on Boholistic Mom.  I can hint at it in 3rd person . . . but I can’t really let you into my world without going 1st person.  Screw professional journalism, I’m boho!!!!

My Revolutionary Resolutions

Revolutionary Resolutions

  • Revolutionary Resolution #1 – Eat more fats.

I’ve slacked off my continual consumption of coconut oil and my body misses it.  I resolve to pick it back up with at least a tablespoon of coconut oil a day along with plenty of butter, lard, tallow, and schmaltz.  I want to be satisfied in 2014 and I know that real fats from real food sources bring me to a place where I don’t yearn for food.  I enjoy it when I have it and get on with my life in between.

UPDATE 3.12.2014:  I’m back to the coconut oil and I have found more local sources for grass-fed butter and a farm […]